Saturday 19 November 2011

How can Laser Lipo help me lose weight?

If any of the following statements applies to you, then Laser Lipo is an ideal way to help you lose weight, lose inches and increase body definition:
I want to reduce fat on a part of my body that just won't respond to exercise

I need a kick-start to a new lifestyle

I have had children and need to lose excess fat

I am not happy with certain areas of my body

I want to start achieving my inch-loss goals

I want to reduce my waist size

I want to improve my appearence for my holiday

I want to reduce my size for my wedding

I have been dieting and find it hard to shift the last bit of fat

I dont like having man breasts or moobs

You can find out more about Laser Lipo, how it works, what areas can be treated and watch a video of the Lumislim Pro Laser Lipo machine in actin on my website


Does Laser Lipo work?

Here are the three questions that I am asked most about Laser Lipo inch loss beauty treatments

1. Do you use Laser Lipo to treat women too? YES!

2. Is Laser Lipo safe? YES!  Laser Lipo is completely safe and is regulated by the Medicine's Health Regulatory Authority. As a fully qualified and insured Laser Lipo Technician I am also licenced by Woking Borough Council.

3. Does it work? YES! And here are some of testimonials from my clients: 

I have been going to Daniel for Laser Lipo for two treatments per week for about a month now ... I have lost over a STONE. I am thrilled!   Helen, Leatherhead, Surrey

I have been having Laser Lipo for several months and have lost 30 pounds. I have gone from size 38 to size 33 waist! John Byfleet Surrey. You can see the amazing difference between the start of John's Laser Lipo treatment and how he looks today at the top of the Laser Lipo page of my website

Having Laser Lipo makes me want to eat less fatty foods (biscuits, cake etc) so I lose weight easily. I guess it's because of all the fat which has been released into my body after a treatment. Richard Guildford Surrey

Even after just one session my jeans felt so much looser! I am now starting on the full programme of Laser Lipo treatments. Cristina Guildford Surrey

Find out more about Laser Lipo inch loss and body sculpting

Saturday 15 October 2011

Laser Lipo video

Well it's taken a lot longer than I thought it would but finally both my Laser Lipo webpage and my therapy room are now up and running and fully functional. I even have a Laser Lipo sign on my door to my therapy room where I also do massage, male waxing, facials and threading.

Have you seen the new pictures on my Laser Lipo webpage? There is a full description of how Laser Lipo works and full FAQs but as they say - a picture is worth a thousand words, so you can see genuine before and after pictures of a client who has lost 30 pounds thanks to Laser Lipo inch loss and body sculpting.

So what is the value of a video? Priceless I think. Anyway do have a look at it and you can see exactly what will happen if you come for a Laser Lipo treatment in Surrey. I think it's rather good.

Happy viewing!   

Saturday 1 October 2011

How does Laser Lipo work?

This article explains how laser lipo, and in particular the Lumislim laser lipo, works.

Firstly, Laser lipo may be new as a body contouring treatment, but the use of this type of laser is actually long standing. Lumislim and similar machines us a low hazard cold laser diode emitter that is active on the 650nm wavelength. This frequency of laser energy stimulates the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability. The cells lose their round shape, and intracellular fat is released.

Next, the fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes and into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the body’s lymphatic system and cause no harmful physiological effects. The fat is then used as an energy source for the body or passed in the urine as waste.

This process does not alter neighbouring structures such as the skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. It is not merely the liquefaction of fat but instead it is the instant breakdown of the fat cells that occurs, otherwise known as lipolysis, laser lipolysis or laser lipo.

Why should you use the Sigma LumiSlim Pro?

Because it gives immediate results

There are no starvation diets

It gives long lasting & natural results.

It's completely safe

It's pain free

What will happen during my Laser Lipolysis treatment?

During a routine laser lipo treatment, up to four treatment pads containing the laser diodes are placed over the treatment area and secured in direct contact with the skin using elastic straps. Then two more laser probes are positioned onto the region of the lymphatic nodes closest to the treatment zone. Once all of the pads are in place, the clients can get comfortable, read a magazine and just enjoy the treatment or get an indian head massage atthe same time.

Why is Laser Lipo is the best inch-loss treatment?

Results of Laser Lipo treatments will vary from person to person, but in 2008 RED magazine conducted a survey of a number of treatments and the results are below:

Treatment Name....... Type.......... No of treatments..... Fat loss.... Cost

LASERLIPO.... Class 3B laser....... 8........................ 19.5cm ......£1,000

Alma Accent...... Radio Frequency... 7....................... 7cm.............£2,000

Smartlipo Laser/Surgery................. 1....................... 6cm ..............£2,000

Lipo-Smooth ........Ultrasound........ 6....................... 5cm ...............£880

Ultratone............... Electric pulses ..12................... 4.5cm ...............£420

Tripolar ...............Radio Frequency.. 6-8.............. 4.5cm ...............£1,200

Lipomassage.........Motorised rollers...6-8............. 3cm ...................£360

From the figures above you can see that Laser Lipo results in the most inches lost and is the best value for money.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Laser Lipo Home Salon disrupted in Woking Surrey

So after returning relaxed and very tired from a ten-day break in Greece (much needed as I work seven days a week and often until gone 9 o'clock at night) I come home to an empty house. And no dead plants for a change. This time a friend had popped over a couple of times to look after them and keep an eye on the place.

Then I went into my Laser Lipo therapy room; all seemed fine. Until I noticed a little water on my massage table. And then underfoot on my persian rug. Then I looked up! The ceiling looked like it was about to cave in.

Thankfully it wasn't too late to get a plumber round: he was here within the hour and at least stopped the leak, and then later repaired the burst pipe.

Then the hell with the insurance company started. As I had separate business insurance with another company I hadn't hold the household insurance company that I worked from home. That was a nervous moment - thinking they would refuse to pay out at all. Thankfully they saw sense and did.

So fast forward three weeks and my male waxing therapy room has a new ceiling and the room smells of fresh paint. Again. Thankfully we had been able to temporarily work from my office upstairs while the work was being done. But it's nice to be back in my massage therapy room again.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Inch loss by Laser Lipo begins in Surrey

You may have read my blog a couple of weeks ago about how I am now ready to offer inch loss and body sculpting by Laser Lipo from my home in Surrey.

So how's it going I hear you ask.

It's going very well so far. The Google Ad words -along side my regular newsletter with the latest news about Laser Lipo, Massage, Male Waxing, Threading and Facials -appears to be working.

I have had a fair few enquiries, several clients beginning their weight loss programmes already and I am confident more people will sign up shortly.

Don't forget that lipolysis is a completely natural process which you body does all the time and the laser lipolysis treatment just encourages your body to use up the fat in a particular area - an area which you want to be slimmer (whether its your moobs (man boobs), stomach or thighs etc)

Oh and I now have the "beware Laser in use" sign for the Therapy door. Now I all I need to do is get round to putting it up...


Saturday 10 September 2011

Laser Lipo comes to Woking Surrey

You have probably heard me talking about Laser Lipo before and the preparations we have been making to get up and running to offer this service in Woking Surrey, but now it's here!

Yes we are finally ready. The Laser Lipo page on my website was finally finished about a week ago (although we need to add some pictures). All the information that you need to lose those man boobs (or moobs) or lose that fat to show off your abs or six pack is there for you to read.

While I am still wating for my laser sign for my therapy room door - which I ordered before going on holiday - we now have all the paperwork drawn up and the forms too. Our Ad words campaign is also running in and around Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and West London.

And so I drew breath, relaxed and waited. I sent out my occassional massage, male waxing and beauty therapy email to my clients to inform them that Laser Lipo was now here in Surrey. And so I waited.

And next week I have my first paying Laser Lipo client!


Saturday 13 August 2011

I am now a trained Laser Lipolysis Technician

If you have visited my massage and male waxing home salon in the past few months, we may have discussed the possibility of me investing in Laser Lipolysis.

Well now - after doing my research and finding a lot of interest in this method of inch loss and losing weight - a few weeks ago I bought the Sigma Lumislim Pro 44 Laser Lipo machine.

Laser Lipo uses a mild low laser (or cold laser) treatment to reduce your body's fat. It's not cosmetic surgery. It's non-invasive: there are no needles or injections. It's painless and you don't need to take any time off work afterwards. Laser Lipo gives you the results of liposuction without the surgery.

Then a couple of weeks ago, the Laser Lipolysis trainer arrived and spent 4 hours in my therapy room giving me an understanding of the science behind the Laser Lipo machine, how it works and giving me training on how to use it on clients.

Then a few days ago I completed the theory test and I am delighted to say that I passed with flying colours -so I am now a fully trained and certified Laser Lipo Technician.

Now I have goggles and a laser sign on order. Then all I have to do is the paperwork and the marketing and we're in business!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Laser Lipo is coming to Surrey

Laser Lipo is coming to Surrey!

Yes, shortly I shall be offering Laser Lipo at my home salon between Woking and West Byfleet.

I have bought the Sigma LumiSlim Pro and will be offering a new effective, pain-free way to inch loss in the next few weeks. And - unlike liposuction - the great news is that it involves no needles and no surgery.

Laser Lipo is effective on both men and women who have found that those hard-to-reduce trouble spots, such as love handles, tummy bulge, and saddlebags can be treated quite significantly within just a few treatments.
Laser Lipo can be used to treat fatty areas like thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen or your upper arms. More soon...

Saturday 2 July 2011

How building works are affecting my Massage business

Extending your home is a stressful business. And when you work from home like me (running my massage, male waxing and facial treatment business) it is even more stressful.

Years of thinking about doing it and drawing up plans in your mind, then getting the plans drawn up in real life, months of waiting, getting planning approval from Woking Borough Council, putting the work out to tender, then waiting again...this time for the builders to start.

So it's been a long time coming but finally the builders are in and making a mess of the place. This is what the place looks like from outside:

So even if you can no longer see the number of the house from the road, you can't miss me!

 I had made plans to work from near Tottenham Court Road in Central London (and did for a few days). I had also intended to hire a massage therapy room in Send, Woking (not too far away) but it seems I need not have worried...I am just as busy. So thank you for your patience and understanding. 

The builders have gone by 3.30pm most days so if you book an appointment after that time, it will at least be as quiet as it normally is. This  work should be finished by the end of this month.  

Saturday 18 June 2011

How to keep your skin looking good

How do you keep your skin looking beautiful and young-looking?

As you get older it gets increasingly difficult to keep that youthful appearance of firm, clear skin. Having a good facial in Surrey is a good start but what else can you do?

Well you can do a lot for yourself. Here are a few ideas:

You can make sure you have a healthy diet with lots of fruit, vegetables and greens. What you eat shows in your skin especially your face.

Make sure you drink plenty of water every day. Not tea or coffee or coca-cola. Just water. This keeps your skin hydrated and plumped up (thereby reducing fine lines on your skin.) Tea and coffee are diuretics and the liquid just goes in one end and out the other.

Don't smoke.  Do I need to say any more? Smokers tend to look older than they actually are.

Don't drink excessively. We can all recognise a heavy drinker by the broken capillaries which show on their nose and cheeks can't we?

Don't use tanning booths and limit the time that you spend in the sun and always use sun cream when you do. Sun damage is the single most important cause of premature aging. Remember to put sun cream your chest and the back of your hands and neck. They're often the first place to show your age.

Rather than using soap on your face, make sure you use good quality cleansers that are right for your skin.

And make sure you get a professional facial to deep cleanse your skin - ideally every four to six weeks - but at least four times a year, as the seasons change.

Find out how facial treatments can help you keep a youthful skin by visiting my website.

Saturday 11 June 2011

No Need to Wait in Your Car

If you arrive early for your male massage or male waxing appointment, there's no need to wait in your car outside. My glamorous assistant is around most days Monday to Friday to let you in if I am busy with my previous client.

If you are very early he may also offer you a drink. Either way you can sit and relax in my waiting room and thumb through old copies of the Woman's Weekly and Readers Digest.

Sometimes, of course, the previous client may have arrived late and I will try to be with you as soon as possible. At times I can also be too busy to deal with enquiries about a facial or threading so my assistant may also answer your calls and texts while I am working in my massage and therapy room.

All this is to help to provide you with the best possible service and return your calls, texts and emails as soon as possible.   


Saturday 4 June 2011

How building work is affecting my masssage and male waxing business

For many months now we have been planning improvements to the home from which I work offering male waxing and male massage in Surrey.  We have done the dreaming part: wouldn't it be nice if... couldn't we just do... I'd really like a... etc, we have had the plans drawn up and approved by Woking Borough Council. And now the time has finally come for the builders to move in. Well time for them to start work anyway.

They were due to start later in June so I thought that I still had plenty of time to make alternative arrangements to working from home, but - for one reason or another - (lack of work?) the builders are starting sooner than anticipated so my plans for alternative working arrangements have not yet been finalised.

However here is my plan as it stands at the moment: I will work the odd day here and there along with another male massage therapist near Tottenham Court Road in London and the rest of  so-called "office hours" at the Spa at the fantastic 5 Star Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge.

Then for the evenings and weekends I will continue to work from home between Woking and West Byfleet. If you can put up with the dust and disruption! Please make sure you know where you will be going if you make an appointment between now and the end of July.

Is this the end of Shaving for Men?

I saw this fascinating article in the Daily Mail today:

A cream which slows the growth of hair by 70 per cent could result in men shaving just once every three weeks.
It works on both men and women, meaning five o’clock shadows and girls spending hours in the bath shaving their legs could soon be a thing of the past.

Adonia hair serum uses organic plant oils to weaken hair formation and is being hailed as a healthy alternative to expensive hair removal treatments such as electrolysis. More than 10,000 people have already put their names on a waiting list for the product. During trials in the U.S. the hair reducer showed an impressive 46 per cent reduction in hair growth after 21 days with a 70 per cent reduction after six weeks. That means the frequency of shaving could be cut by as much as 80 per cent, the equivalent of shaving as little as once every three weeks. 

Applying the cream sends hair follicles into a catagen or ‘resting state’. When follicles are in this resting state they are disabled, slowing the growth of existing hair and preventing growth. The longer the follicle is kept in a resting stage, the less hair will grow, so the more the serum is used the weaker and less dense hair becomes. Its makers say users who apply the serum every day will begin to see results within 21 days, with more impressive results emerging after six weeks. 

The serum works best when applied straight after shaving. Adonia was hailed as a ‘miracle serum’ when it was launched in the U.S. It sold out within 24 hours and created a waiting list of over 20,000. American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth was spotted buying the cream last month. It costs £29.99 and will be launched exclusively at Harrods next month

Saturday 28 May 2011

Male Massage Therapist gets yet another annoying Sales Call

So there I was sitting in the sun having a late lunch during a break between a massage client and a male waxing client, when my phone rings.

My heart sinks as I can tell it's a Manchester number and therefore likely to be a sales call rather than a potential client wanting to book me for a facial in Surrey.

In a weak moment I decide to answer the phone and  soon ask the sales woman what she is selling. She assures me she's not selling anything but wants to give me some many people have searched for male massage in Surrey in the last month and how many people search Google for waxing men in Surrey etc.

Then we get onto the sales pitch about how she can get me onto page one of Google..blah blah blah. It takes 3 attempts at me asking the same question: "So are you offering to manage my Ad Words Campaign?" before I get a straight answer.

Apparently they can manage 5 key words that people searching for my services would use to find me (for example massage in Woking, male waxing in Surrey, threading in Surrey and facials in Woking), for £165 I asked her what can she do for me that I can't do myself as I can manage my own Ad Words campaign thank you. Well they do "intensive research" on my key words should be and they can use "better keywords". Then I ask her: "As you don't know which key words I use, how do you know your key words are better than mine?"
She quickly hung up!

Thursday 19 May 2011

My brilliant new Massage Table

During the three years that I have been a full-time Massage Therapist I have used several massage tables. I have always had one for my massage therapy room and another lighter massage table which I use for out calls. 

As my massage, beauty therapy and male waxing business is going from strength to strength, I recently decided to change my massage table and get the best massage table I could find. So - lucky old you! - you will now be treated while lying on the most luxurious and comfortable massage table I could buy. 

It is electrically-operated; it not only moves up and down (so if you have difficulty getting up onto a massage table, I can lower it for you to get on, raise it to carry out the massage therapy and then lower it again for you to get off again.)  I can also move the "head end" upwards and the "feet end" down which is great for doing Facials and Eyebrow Threading.

If you decide to for a naturist (or undraped) massage to keep you warm, the massage table is covered with an electric blanket and I will also cover you with a heavy towel of the finest Egyptian cotton and if necessary another electric blanket on top. This is particularly good in the winter even if the heating is on full blast.

The new massage table also has an easily-cleaned, heavily-padded surface and a face hole that allows you to breathe easily while you are lying face down. I also use an orthopedic pillow to correct the position of your body. I am so good to you!

Saturday 14 May 2011

A great recommendation for a Massage Therapist

Massages are great for relieving stress. And just like everyone else I get stressed - either from working too hard or too many hours or any of life's other little problems. So I try to receive a massage every week or so myself.

As I work alone - and at home between West Byfleet and Woking in Surrey - I am always happy to meet other massage therapists to do a massage exchange (or a male waxing exhange for that matter). It keeps me up to date with what is happening in the beauty therapy industry as well as picking up new massage movements. We also use this time to swap hints, tips and ideas for running our own businesses. I think it's called networking but on a much less formal and forced basis!

One of my massage exchange buddies - until recently - was another Surrey-based massage therapist called Murray Mills who has met his ideal partner and moved to Spain to enjoy life and take it easy for a while.

As a consequence of this Murray has - very kindly - referred all his male waxing, male beauty and massage clients to me. For which I am extremely grateful and honoured. Murray Mills: I thank you!

Monday 9 May 2011

New photos and videos for my massage and male waxing website

Last Sunday we had a good laugh having some new photos of me taken for my new male waxing, massage and beauty therapist website. Taking a few photographs - both inside and outside - on a lovely sunny day didn’t take too long. But filming for massage videos always takes much longer than you think doesn't it?

My eternal thanks go to Richard from Lion Television who filmed and photographed both me and my young male model Sebastian; he was extremely patient in coping with to the demands of the photographer - but then he did get a free male waxing out of it!

We did manage to film a video of Sebastian having a back wax and a few lovely photographs of him having a facial treatment. Hopefully - when Richard has edited the videos - we will be able to put them onto my website.

Monday 2 May 2011

Another nail in the coffin of the cheque

Today I received my bank statement. As is so often the case I also got a load of leaflets with it. Most of the time I just ignore all the flyers and changes to terms and conditions (does anyone ever read this stuff?). But today one leaflet caught my eye. It was entitled CHEQUE GUARANTEE CARD SCHEME. 

As you will know if you have read one of my previous blogs about waxing men and massage  - I wrote about being defrauded by a client who not only bounced a cheque on me but drew a cheque on a closed account - this was of particular interest to me.

Anyway it turns out that the Cheque Card Guarantee Scheme is finishing on 20th June this year. So even if a customer presents a cheque  - along with a card containing a cheque guarantee hologram - it is no guarantee that the cheque will clear. Just one more reason to never accept cheques; just one more nail in the cheques' coffin.

Since I was defrauded I haven't accepted cheques and now I am sure even more small businesses like my massage, male waxing and male beauty business - won't accept them either. 

Thursday 21 April 2011

A new uniform for a Massage Therapist

How difficult is it to get made-to-measure uniform for my male waxing and massage business in Surrey?

Here is a copy of a complaint letter to Inline London - bizarely based in Guildford, Surrey.

"Dear Sir

I am absolutely appalled by the service which I have received from your company.

I am a self-employed Massage Therapist (who also spends his day waxing men) who, during a recent visit to an exhibition in London , visited your stand and was measured by one of your representatives for a new brown tunic and matching trousers.

Eventually this arrived by post. The top was fine but the trousers were waist 34" (I am waist 30"); they were also 8 centimetres too long. I therefore returned the trousers (at my own cost), asking how these could have possibly been made to measure and pointing out that they were the wrong size.

A month and several phone calls later, I have now received a size 32" trousers which are still too long and too big in the waist. While I appreciate your policy on returns for made-to-measure clothing, my point - which I cannot get through to your employees - is that these trousers were NOT made to MY measurements.

The trousers are not "as described" or "fit for purpose" and therefore your company is in breach of the Sales of Goods Act 1979. Please either supply me with trousers that fit or refund me for the trousers, the postage and the tunic (which is no good on its own) within 14 days."


Daniel Bester
Beauty Therapist

To give this company - and the fellow South African who responded to my email - credit by calling me, they supplied a pair of brand new made-to-measure trousers.

However I still had to get them taken up (to fit my short legs) at my own expense. Perhaps in future they should train their employees on how to measure their clients properly.

Saturday 16 April 2011

The advantages of using a home-based beauty therapist

In beauty therapy as with everything else in life in the 21st Century we know you have a choice - and lots of it. So why should you use a home-based beauty therapist and what are the advantages over a beauty salon that's based in a town or city centre?

For a start, whether you are looking for a massage or male waxing you are guaranteed a very personal service in a more relaxed environment. When you arrive you will be greeted either by me or my assistant; what you won''t find is a busy salon with dozens of people milling around .

You will of course only and always have the same friendly beauty therapist – and the same assistant every time who willl greet you and give you a tea or coffee in my waiting room if I am running a little late or you are very early or your appointment.

While I encourage you to do your best to turn up for your massage or waxing appointment on time, I appreciate that you live a busy life and traffic can be unpredictable, so I will do our best to give you the same amount of time for your treatment if you are 5 or 10 minutes late.

And because we know you probably work all day, we are happy to offer evening and weekend appointments; Saturday can often be a very busy day!

You will - over time - get to know me and I will get to know you - after all I spend half my day waxing men . What you won't face is an endless turnover of de-motivated young girls. I can often see you on the same day as you call or email to make your appointment. And as I am not based in Woking town centre, it won't cost you a penny to park outside. There is free parking and plenty of it.

If discretion is important to you then no-one will know you are here. Despite being near Woking and the M25 and M3, it's just a house in a quiet location. And most important of all it is my business.

And it's in my interest to be professional and offer you an excellent friendly, discrete service.

Saturday 2 April 2011

Male Waxing and Massage Cancellation Policy

During the first few months of this year I have noticed that I have had more and more bookings from (potential) massage and waxing clients who book and then just don't show up for their appointments.

Since I am a full-time self-employed Male WaxingBeauty Therapist and Massage Therapist every cancellation means I lose income either directly from not having that appointment or by not being able to book in another client at that time.

Whille I appreciate that we all lead busy lives and at times postponing an appointment is necessary, please give me as much notice as possible, here is my cancellation policy:

To secure a booking I will need a phone number - preferably a mobile phone number.

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours prior to the appointment.

If you don't cancel an appointment in advance of 24 hours or simply don't turn up for an appointment, I will only take a booking from you if you pay in advance.

If you pay in advance and then still don't show up for your massage or male waxing appointment you will not get your money back.

Saturday 26 March 2011

Male Waxing business gets targeted spam

Just like you I get unwanted email in my inbox. But this one got through the spam filters and I actually read it. It's clever. It's targeted. But it's absolute crap.

You can read the email in full (below) but here are the relevant lines:

Your website has 0 back-links. Absolute nonsense. A quick check shows there are 40. I didn't get to the top of page two for "male waxing" and "waxing Surrey" with no links to my website.

Right now your website has a Google Pagerank score of 1/10 Google says many site owners seem to think it's the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true. They have even removed it from Webmaster Tools.

We can produce a report....together with a personal telephone consultation for £499.00. If you are prepared to act this week we are prepared to offer this at a reduced one-off fee of £299.00. £500 for a phone call?! Oh sorry just £300 if we talk now. That old marketing trick of time pressure.

Right now, your site has 8 pages indexed with Google, and Google is regarding some of that content as poor. There could be a number of structural and content issues with your website which may be having a negative impact on your search rankings. My waxing website was built by experts and if you look at the site you will clearly see this is again rubbish

And finaly you do have to ask how good a so-called Search Engine Optimisation company is if they can't get their own website onto page one of Google for "Search Engine Optimisation"!

And here is their not-so-clever email:

My name is Abigail Walker. I’m a senior search consultant at Top 10 Guaranteed. We are part of an IT Group that has been established for over 10 years as a leading specialist in all aspects of online sales and marketing.

Excuse the unusual approach, however I am writing to inform you that I recently visited your website,, during a routine survey of web sites which would be capable of achieving higher search engine performance. Obviously resulting in an increase in online sales or the generation of high volumes of additional sales leads.

I am confident that this information will be of use to you, but if I have caused offence in any way through my approach I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. I’m hoping this will arouse your curiosity, since you are obviously attempting to gain new business through your website.

From my initial observations, your website is underperforming in at least one of the major search engines such as - Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You probably are aware that most people don't look past the first page of search results. I struggled to find you in the first couple of pages for highly relevant keyphrases, which means that you could be losing out on a significant amount of business. As such I did a bit more digging...

I ran a back-link check on first. Back-links are the number of times your site is linked to via another website. Your website has 0 back-links. Back-links also contribute towards your Google Pagerank score. Pagerank is Google telling us how authoritative and trustworthy your site is. A higher score = higher search rankings. Right now your website has a Google Pagerank score of 1/10, which, when compared to other high ranking competitor websites, may be restricting your rankings. This can be down to many reasons which we can help resolve.

The next check I applied on your website was page indexing. Search engines like Google scan the information on your website and feed it back to their database. The Google formula is then applied to the data to determine where your website should rank. As such the more pages your website has indexed with quality unique content, the higher you can rank with Google. Right now, your site has 8 pages indexed with Google, and Google is regarding some of that content as poor. This can be down to many reasons which we can help resolve. Finally I also identified that there could be a number of structural and content issues with your website which may be having a negative impact on your search rankings.

So, here's a recap of my findings of

- Your Google Pagerank is 1/10

- You have 0 back-links

- Your website has 8 pages indexed

- There are issues with content and site structure and content

I have only scratched the surface of the factors impacting on your rankings. Unlike some of our competitors, I wanted to do some initial work to identify that it would be worthwhile for you to talk to us before contacting you with my proposal. The best way to deal with any problem is to first apply a thorough diagnosis. It would, therefore, be a sensible next step for us to apply a more thorough diagnosis of why your website may not be ranking well before discussing with you what could be done about it.

What we have to offer could prove to be the most value for money investment you could make for your business this year. In an economic climate that is difficult, to say the least, all businesses must invest in areas that will deliver maximum returns with minimal investment. Only strong search engine listings offer real growth opportunities as consumer trends change.

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Saturday 12 March 2011

A male waxing party

The other day a guy phoned up to ask if I could give him a back wax, how much it would hurt and how much it would cost etc. All the normal questions I get all the time.

So far, so good.

Then - and this is the bit which was unusual and took me aback - he confessed that actually he wanted the male waxing for a birthday present for a mate of his and wondered if he and a couple of mates could watch the whole process!

This was certainly a first for me, having thought about it for a short while, and warned him that it would be a bit of a tight squeeze in the beauty therapy room, I agreed.

When he turned up with 4 other lads (how did I guess it was going to be young lads?!) and asked to film the whole male waxing process - which ended up being chest waxing, as well as back waxing - I had to draw the line and refused.

Still, at least he got a memorable birthday present. And -given they split the cost between fourof them - a cheap one at that!

Saturday 19 February 2011

Coming Soon: a new beauty therapy website

Today I am very excited. After many months of thinking about doing it and then months of discussing it with my business partner, I am very excited to say that very soon I will have a brand new website.

As the number of massage and beauty therapies that I have become qualified in has grown, I have – until now – had a website for each one. So for my male massage therapies I first had for my Shiatsu massage and Indian head massage (for which I was qualified when I came to live in the UK – and specifically Surrey).

Later on I qualified as an ITEC Swedish massage therapist followed a year later by a VTCT qualification in Sports Massage. So that’s the massage side of my business sorted.

Then I had a brain wave – an idea that I had been putting off for too long as I was always busy – it’s a skill which complements massage nicely as my clients often request both during the same visit: male waxing – hair removal from the back, chest abdomen etc. This was so successful that I qualified in intimate male waxing techniques shortly afterwards. So now I offer back, sac and crack, Brazilian, the so-called ”Boyzillian” and Hollywood waxes.

But my skills don’t stop there. I am now qualified in hair removal by threading and shortly in facials. Manicure and pedicure will follow shortly. And even more exciting therapies in the longer term!

Anyway, you will soon be able to find out more about all these treatments in one place – on Coming soon to the interweb near you!

Saturday 5 February 2011

Should a Massage Therapist advertise on Facebook?

Today I got not one but two calls from one of those God-awful sales people.

You know the type: they sound like they are - or want to be – your best friend, use your name in every sentence and are just a little bit too excited on the phone, except you can hear their colleagues shouting at their potentially hot leads in the background too. Oh how I pity those poor souls working in call centres. It must be very depressing for them.

Anyway, if you have read this massage and male waxing blog before you will know how annoyed I got by endless sales calls from morons thinking they could ”manage” my Google Ad Words campaign and charge me a fortune for doing something I am quite capable of doing myself.

Today I got a call from a guy who had a space – and only one space mind you – for a massage therapist in my area (Woking Surrey) to advertise on Facebook. Now I had been discussing whether you can advertise locally on Facebook with some friends recently and they told me that it is possible, so I had been considering the possibility anyway.

I let this over-excited over-friendly desperate-for-commission salesman go through his irritating patter and asked – what can their company do for me and my massage business on Facebook that I can’t do myself? Apparently Facebook encourages you to spend £300 a week and they can do it for half that. Why? Bulk buying I suggest. A suggestion that Mr Over-Excited leaps upon as correct: Oh you are smart Daniel!

A quick look at Facebook – and five minutes filling in a form to create an advert – reveals this to be complete rubbish.

If I decide to advertise my male massage business on Facebook – rather than Google Ad Words, I shall be doing it myself and spending as little or as much as I decide. Much like Google’s Ad Words really.

The only question in my mind is: Which is better – Ad Words or Facebook?

There’s only one way to find out…… Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Thursday 3 February 2011

The downside of being a Self-Employed Massage Therapist

Often I tell friends and family that I love not only being self-employed but working from home: setting my own hours, the oh so long commute from upstairs to my  massage therapy room downstairs (also used for male waxing and facials by the way), deciding to take a day off if I want to or have a lazy summer's afternoon if the whim takes me.

However more often than not it's quite the end up working 7 days a week and long hours to boot. But when it comes to the middle of December, and people's minds turn to other partying hard and visiting family far away from my massage practise in Surrey..well then, dear reader, the business just dies. For two whole weeks at least.

Add in a tiny little bit of snow and well, I might as well go on holiday myself...

Thankfully it is now February and business is picking up again nicely. Phew!