Saturday 19 November 2011

How can Laser Lipo help me lose weight?

If any of the following statements applies to you, then Laser Lipo is an ideal way to help you lose weight, lose inches and increase body definition:
I want to reduce fat on a part of my body that just won't respond to exercise

I need a kick-start to a new lifestyle

I have had children and need to lose excess fat

I am not happy with certain areas of my body

I want to start achieving my inch-loss goals

I want to reduce my waist size

I want to improve my appearence for my holiday

I want to reduce my size for my wedding

I have been dieting and find it hard to shift the last bit of fat

I dont like having man breasts or moobs

You can find out more about Laser Lipo, how it works, what areas can be treated and watch a video of the Lumislim Pro Laser Lipo machine in actin on my website


Does Laser Lipo work?

Here are the three questions that I am asked most about Laser Lipo inch loss beauty treatments

1. Do you use Laser Lipo to treat women too? YES!

2. Is Laser Lipo safe? YES!  Laser Lipo is completely safe and is regulated by the Medicine's Health Regulatory Authority. As a fully qualified and insured Laser Lipo Technician I am also licenced by Woking Borough Council.

3. Does it work? YES! And here are some of testimonials from my clients: 

I have been going to Daniel for Laser Lipo for two treatments per week for about a month now ... I have lost over a STONE. I am thrilled!   Helen, Leatherhead, Surrey

I have been having Laser Lipo for several months and have lost 30 pounds. I have gone from size 38 to size 33 waist! John Byfleet Surrey. You can see the amazing difference between the start of John's Laser Lipo treatment and how he looks today at the top of the Laser Lipo page of my website

Having Laser Lipo makes me want to eat less fatty foods (biscuits, cake etc) so I lose weight easily. I guess it's because of all the fat which has been released into my body after a treatment. Richard Guildford Surrey

Even after just one session my jeans felt so much looser! I am now starting on the full programme of Laser Lipo treatments. Cristina Guildford Surrey

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