Saturday 10 November 2012

What are the benefits of Face-slapping massage?

Here at Daniel Beauty Ltd I am always on the look out for new beauty treatments to offer my existing 3D-lipo clients  - so this caught my eye.

A beautician in San Francisco has opened the first face-slapping salon in America named 'Tata Massage'.

Thai natural health practitioner Rassameesaitarn Wongsirodkul, known as Tata, charges £220 for a 15-minute session where she slaps, pinches, and smooths the clients face.

She and her husband Mawan claimed that this unusual technique is a natural alternative to chemical skin-firming treatments such as Botox.

She claims that it firms and slims the face as well as reducing wrinkles and make the pores smaller.

Despite the high price tag, the couple added that just a week after opening, they already had clients through the door wanting to try the treatment, which is already popular in Thailand.

There is no medical evidence to prove that face-slapping works; doctors say it could cause some temporary benefits such as swelling and a flushed complexion.

Tata plans to return to Thailand next year to expand her face-slapping skills, where her next venture will be learning the ancient art of what she calls 'butt punching'.

Sounds lovely - maybe I should get trained in this and offer it to my massage clients too. What do you think?

Wednesday 7 November 2012

How do I get rid of cellulite?

Today I received this embarrassingly lovely testimonial from a lady about my Laser Lipo treatments in Surrey. Here it is in full - read it and watch me blush.
Testimonial for the amazing Daniel Bester - Laser lipo

My legs have always been the main part of my body that I have disliked the most, orange peeled skin even shows under some dress and trouser materials and I just wanted to feel less conscious about my legs in whatever I was wearing. I decided to try laser lipo to finally address the matter and to try to boost my confidence.

I have to say that choosing Daniel out of all the possible places advertising laser lipo, has been the best decision I have ever made.

Firstly, Daniel has an exceptional way of really taking the time to understand how you feel about yourself and how he can help you. I have really enjoyed my treatment sessions with him and thanks to him they have been fun too! He really is a delight to talk to which you do not get with many consultants. 

Secondly, the treatment has significantly reduced the orange peel effect and has tightened up my skin. I could not be happier with the treatment and I am now able to feel more confident in my dresses and I can also now fit comfortably and confidently into skinny jeans!

Nikki age 40, Banstead, Surrey