Tuesday 22 June 2021

Massage Treatments And Therapies

 This is not about introverts and extroverts, but is ‘inversion’

It is up to people’s own preferences of what treatments and massage therapies they may choose to have, or not to have. At Daniel Beauty there is a comfortable table, or couch, which you can see in the picture in some previous Blogs (e.g. 6 October 2020) if you have not seen it in person. This is not like the one shown below which may conjure up some thoughts of a torture chamber, yet if we seem to get on with inversion therapy it is the sort of table we shall use.


Inversion therapy is said, among other things, to help back pain, and to help return to some ‘rebirth’ stage when fully inverted, or tipped upside-down, in other words. It can symbolise a baby’s position in the womb before it is about to be born, but not connected to any spookiness of reincarnation.

There can also be some feelings of loss of control, though this will not happen in massage treatments. It may be something psychosomatic (‘body-to-soul’) that causes odd feelings when inverted, with being in an unnatural position, all the blood rushing to your head, etc. Or it may be plainly physical, due to the position one is in. My view, as a client of Daniel’s contributing to his Blogs, is that inversion therapy can also be frightening.

You will, anyway, remain the right way up during massage or other treatments, even if laying down. It may seem a little torture if you have, e.g. Sports Massage, though this is with a positive purpose, with hopefully an outcome of healing sooner or later.

Take care if considering alternative therapies to massage. It is one’s choice every time though. What works for one may not work for someone else, whether fully or partly so.


Monday 7 June 2021

Contemplating Completion for Massage

 Are you contemplating a massage treatment, or a completion of a treatment you may have started? If so, it will be completed after the required number of sessions, or in some cases after a one-off session.

We can think of Franz Schubert. How does he link with massage?! See pictures of him, age 30, without spectacles; and age 28, with spectacles, painted by separate artists. 

He lived 1797-1828, and was the author of The Unfinished Symphony, which he started. What happened? He only composed two of the usual four movements of this Symphony. Admittedly, he developed an illness, and only had a short life, dying at nearly age 32. Though when writing this Symphony he lived on for a further six years afterwards.


Symphony (a little Greek again!) is derived from symphonia, with one meaning being ‘agreement or concord of sound’. Symphonia is derived from symphonos, meaning ‘harmonious’.

You will hopefully experience all these in your massage treatment – agreement, concord, harmony. It won’t be that things are left unfinished, but that you will progress to completion, satisfaction, well-being – whatever your musical preferences!