Tuesday 27 September 2011

Laser Lipo Home Salon disrupted in Woking Surrey

So after returning relaxed and very tired from a ten-day break in Greece (much needed as I work seven days a week and often until gone 9 o'clock at night) I come home to an empty house. And no dead plants for a change. This time a friend had popped over a couple of times to look after them and keep an eye on the place.

Then I went into my Laser Lipo therapy room; all seemed fine. Until I noticed a little water on my massage table. And then underfoot on my persian rug. Then I looked up! The ceiling looked like it was about to cave in.

Thankfully it wasn't too late to get a plumber round: he was here within the hour and at least stopped the leak, and then later repaired the burst pipe.

Then the hell with the insurance company started. As I had separate business insurance with another company I hadn't hold the household insurance company that I worked from home. That was a nervous moment - thinking they would refuse to pay out at all. Thankfully they saw sense and did.

So fast forward three weeks and my male waxing therapy room has a new ceiling and the room smells of fresh paint. Again. Thankfully we had been able to temporarily work from my office upstairs while the work was being done. But it's nice to be back in my massage therapy room again.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Inch loss by Laser Lipo begins in Surrey

You may have read my blog a couple of weeks ago about how I am now ready to offer inch loss and body sculpting by Laser Lipo from my home in Surrey.

So how's it going I hear you ask.

It's going very well so far. The Google Ad words -along side my regular newsletter with the latest news about Laser Lipo, Massage, Male Waxing, Threading and Facials -appears to be working.

I have had a fair few enquiries, several clients beginning their weight loss programmes already and I am confident more people will sign up shortly.

Don't forget that lipolysis is a completely natural process which you body does all the time and the laser lipolysis treatment just encourages your body to use up the fat in a particular area - an area which you want to be slimmer (whether its your moobs (man boobs), stomach or thighs etc)

Oh and I now have the "beware Laser in use" sign for the Therapy door. Now I all I need to do is get round to putting it up...


Saturday 10 September 2011

Laser Lipo comes to Woking Surrey

You have probably heard me talking about Laser Lipo before and the preparations we have been making to get up and running to offer this service in Woking Surrey, but now it's here!

Yes we are finally ready. The Laser Lipo page on my website was finally finished about a week ago (although we need to add some pictures). All the information that you need to lose those man boobs (or moobs) or lose that fat to show off your abs or six pack is there for you to read.

While I am still wating for my laser sign for my therapy room door - which I ordered before going on holiday - we now have all the paperwork drawn up and the forms too. Our Ad words campaign is also running in and around Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and West London.

And so I drew breath, relaxed and waited. I sent out my occassional massage, male waxing and beauty therapy email to my clients to inform them that Laser Lipo was now here in Surrey. And so I waited.

And next week I have my first paying Laser Lipo client!