Saturday 10 September 2011

Laser Lipo comes to Woking Surrey

You have probably heard me talking about Laser Lipo before and the preparations we have been making to get up and running to offer this service in Woking Surrey, but now it's here!

Yes we are finally ready. The Laser Lipo page on my website was finally finished about a week ago (although we need to add some pictures). All the information that you need to lose those man boobs (or moobs) or lose that fat to show off your abs or six pack is there for you to read.

While I am still wating for my laser sign for my therapy room door - which I ordered before going on holiday - we now have all the paperwork drawn up and the forms too. Our Ad words campaign is also running in and around Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and West London.

And so I drew breath, relaxed and waited. I sent out my occassional massage, male waxing and beauty therapy email to my clients to inform them that Laser Lipo was now here in Surrey. And so I waited.

And next week I have my first paying Laser Lipo client!