Wednesday 15 July 2020

Moments of Massage

With a massage, or other treatments, this will last longer than a few moments. Some treatments may be shorter than others, though you will receive your full hour, or whatever length of appointment time may be booked.

This can be as a haven, a time to relax and experience massage. Even with some treatments that may not be so relaxing, e.g. waxing, you will be put as ease, so that your session will be as painless as possible.

It can be a ‘time-out’, maybe with ideas of escapism, and yet not unrelated to the ‘real world’. Hopefully some benefit of some sort will be relevant to you, not disconnected as though reality is only  ‘out there’, outside the masseur’s/therapist’s front door. 

If one can take a step, maybe a new step, and book an appointment, even if needing courage to start with, one can find it a very positive and rewarding experience.

In some treatments, senses may seem to be ‘assaulted’, though only in pleasant ways, mainly the senses of touch and smell and possibly, to some lesser extent, the senses of hearing, sight, and taste. Sometimes in indirect ways.

Come and find out, or continue to explore, how a massage or other treatments may, or more positively, can, help you. 

This could relate not only to the physical aspects, but to aspects of spirit and soul too – the soul including the mind, or some say, the mind entirely. 

You will find a welcome to hopefully many enjoyable ‘moments’ of massage.