Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Support your local Masseur again

This blog has been written by one of Daniel Beauty's clients

Time soon again to support your local, or maybe not so local massage therapist. But it’s worth it, seeing as I, as one of Daniel’s clients, travel as and when I can, not living locally. But whether living near or far, I am sure you will experience the unique professionalism and atmosphere of making a visit to Daniel’s again, or maybe for the first time. We can have a taste of how it will be, from reading the true testimonials on Daniel’s website, one of which is mine!

 As things hopefully continue to ease, come along to experience again, or anew, the ‘human touch’ in massage, or whatever other treatment you wish to have. You may recall good memories of relaxation and the atmosphere of the pleasant surroundings. Also, thinking of ‘how it was’, and ‘that’s good; I should like more of that’.

 There can be restoration of some things we have been deprived of, as it were, that were not possible in lockdowns. But also, you may consider massage and similar treatments as ‘essential’, though they have been classed as ‘non-essential’ businesses! Or at least, businesses where necessary human contact and touch have had to be suspended.

What with a massage, waxing, hot stones, or whatever, and maybe a nice haircut or trim, now that it is possible to have them again too, you will know simple pleasures and pampering for yourself – and may wish to recommend services to friends too.

 If you wish, and if and when you can for a massage – ‘Don’t delay; book today!’




Thursday, 25 March 2021

To Touch Again


Some Blogs of recent months have included the theme of touching. This may be a suitable time to cover some aspects of the theme again. Its also  the basis of massage of course.

We can find comfort, and so can our pets, as a two-way thing, in stroking and making a fuss of them at times. We may be missing the ‘human touch’ in various ways, where these are not advised. These can be handshakes, hugs, an encouraging pat on the back or shoulder, or other ways of non-verbal communication where actual touch is involved.


We likely have had to settle for alternatives such as a nod or wink, or thumbs up, non-contact high fives, or even small bows, without going as far as falling at a person’s feet! With massage hopefully resuming in the near future we, and the masseur, will be able to experience the human touch again. So that is also a two-way thing, while not forgetting those pets to pamper!

There can be warmth, sensitivity, and a range of hopefully pleasant emotions experienced in massage, as masseurs seek to do their best to meet individually tailored requirements – just what each person desires each session to be. Bear with the human touch ‘hunger’ a while more, with the anticipation of sensing touch again soon, whether as a new client, or as a returning client, who maybe says, ‘That’s all good stuff; I will have more of that, please!’


Whether massage or other treatments where touch is necessary, to a greater or lesser extent, the experience of it can be beneficial, if you are a ‘touchy-feely’ person or not. Plan a visit for a massage when ‘normal’ or a ‘new normal’ comes to pass.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Can I get a buzz from Massage?


What, bizarrely, could be some connection, between gruesome experiments of chopping off frogs or salamanders limbs, and massage?

There may be some link, if slight, and dependent on personal beliefs, in these experiments by Robert Becker. He was an American orthopaedic surgeon and researcher in electrophysiology or electro-medicine. The ‘physiology’ part relates to ‘the physical, the body’. Hence, also see his book: ‘The Body Electric’.


He applied electrical charges to the sites of the amputated limbs of these animals. This in some cases caused the limbs to grow back over time, though many people find these experiments unethical, and Frankenstein-like. The aspect related to massage may be in the electrical currents generated.


It could be that minimal electrical charges are transmitted via massage and other touch treatments, or in other terms, ‘good vibes’ or ‘positivity’ of some sort. This may be two-way: masseur to client, and vice versa.

 This may be speculation to some people, though we all have energy, movement, etc. Call it a vital essence maybe, that indicates our ‘alive-ness’.  Though of course we are not able to generate enough electricity to power a light bulb. In staying with light-bulbs a moment, there is the cartoon with the word ‘idea’ flashing above a person’s head. So it may not be entirely without any truth.

 Some masseurs may emphasise the electrical aspect more than others. But whatever, massage and other treatments will not be bizarre, frightening, scary, that not being the aim. And you won’t blow a fuse, nor have any bits chopped off you either (the mind boggles!).

 Methinks me jests, with the picture and words of the previous blog, even if a little seeming torture in some treatments such as waxing or sports massage.  It will be as you wish, when services are permitted to resume again, whether or not you get a buzz!


Tuesday, 16 February 2021

We'll Meet Again for Massage

 For getting on for nearly a year now, we have all been affected by Covid-19, whether in small, medium, or large ways. This has included massage and associated services, which have been operating intermittently.

It’s not that we are being unsociable, but rather co-operative and acting responsibly in observing limitations ‘for the good of everyone’, ourselves included. This was on a notice I saw in a public place asking people not to leave any bags unattended.

It is good if have lost our panic over the initial outbreak of Covid-19, but we remain careful and sensible, still taking our part, doing what we can, even if some of our feelings have become a bit numbed through habit. This can be so in remembering at times ‘Oops, I’m standing too close to this person’ or ‘Oh yes, I forgot, massage and other services are not available just now’.

But hopefully in time there will be opportunities again to experience touch in massage; the warmth of hot stones or wax; a little pain even (or minimal?!), in waxing, but for good; the relaxing atmosphere of a visit to a masseur/therapist; or whatever pleasantries we may experience again (or anew) from the treatment we desire to have. We can remind ourselves it is not always or only massage that is available.

This will be beneficial to the masseur’s/therapist’s ‘trade’ too, as he/she is able to see clients again, or call them customers, or even friends. This may be so, particularly if a relationship of sorts is formed in a professional capacity, such as in several visits for a course of treatment.

Aspects of massage and other treatments may affect different people in different ways, such as if we are a touchy-feely person; or like the pleasant sensations, such as hot stones or wax; or wish to enhance our appearance through waxing, fat reduction, eyebrow threading, etc. Whatever we may choose, it will surely be of value, as in ‘it’s all good stuff!’

See you soon, hopefully before too long, if for a first visit, or see you again if making a return visit for a massage. We’ll meet again – to change the song a little – we shall know where, at Daniel’s, or a home visit maybe, even if we don’t yet know when.

Friday, 29 January 2021

Touching Times for a Massage Therapist


With some things in human life, we may not always appreciate them until we may have to go without them for a while, whether a short of long time. Or at least we may forget the benefits, or some of them, of pleasant experiences, or what we had in the past, but maybe not have now, whether temporarily or permanently.

This could be so with human touch, with the present Covid-19 restrictions, and also relating to massage, where we can sense the human touch of one, two, or even four hands. It surely is of benefit, with human beings having body, soul, and spirit interlinked.


We do not have to know the sometimes seeming deep, or hidden, psychological-type things that may be involved in massage. We may simply come along for relaxation; easing of muscle strain; for a pampered treat; or for whatever reason.

Though lack of a sense can indeed be restricting, and sometimes another sense or senses may be heightened to compensate for a missing sense, or a sense of reduced quality. This can be so, if we lack, or are restricted in one or more senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch. Then again, we may ourselves restrict one sense or more (e.g. touch) for a time, whether voluntarily or mandatorily.


Come along, when it is possible again, to a friendly and welcoming massage session,  when hopefully the restrictions on touching are removed, if a new customer, or a returning customer, and experience anew, or sense again, what you have been missing.

Monday, 30 November 2020

Massages during the Covid Pandemic


Hopefully now that massage will continue with its momentum again, we may come for a massage or other treatment ‘for business or for pleasure’ purposes, as it were. Whatever the reasons, we can surely find sessions as enjoyable experiences.

If for pleasure, it may be a seasonal or non-seasonal treat, just to relax in the atmosphere and surroundings; to be calmed in body, soul, or spirit, or in all three of these. It can be giving oneself some time-out, plus helping the masseurs ‘trade’ at the same time.

After a hopefully pleasant time, one will be full of praise and admiration for the masseur, though not to the extent of flattery, which may get us nowhere! Yet one may have no hesitation in recommending the masseur to others, and so give him/her positive publicity. This causes two-way benefit, to clients and to the masseur.

Then one may look forward to more of the same, or other variations on massage or other treatments. 

Come along, try a first session, or another session, finding release or at least easing of any stresses and strains, particularly with the various ways that Covid has affected you over the past, or at present, or in uncertainties of the future. 

Not that it claims to be a magic wand waved over the situation, but massage and the other treatments doing what they can to contribute to health and well-being, as some of the many good things in life.

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Can Having a Massage help with Pain?


If we have a pain, bodily or emotionally, our first reaction or response may be to wish it would go away as soon as possible.

Yet the cause of pains, some pains at least, may be as warnings that something is wrong physically (part of our body), or troubling our minds (part of our soul or spirit), and these may be interlinked at times.  With some massage, some pain may be caused, or seemingly feel worse, as things are done to get to the root of conditions.

 It may be like not wanting to feel too cold, though we shiver to aim to get warm; or not wanting to feel too hot, though we sweat to aim to cool down.

 ‘It’s a pain in the neck!’ This we may say, and experience it literally, or just say it as a figure of speech. Massage can surely help to relieve pains of body, soul, or spirit, though not as a magic wand waved. It can be therapeutic, as can other outlets, or at least to some extent, such as faith healing; positive thinking; having a ‘feel good’ attitude to life; etc. In some cases, pain, of whatever sort and wherever located, physiologically or psychologically, may remain a mystery.


Have a massage if needed. The aim is to help, to do good, not sadistically inflict pain and end up leaving a massage session worse than when you started it!