Monday 25 July 2022

Massage And Hammers


This blog on massage starts out with some words I read, not by a masseur, but which could come under the DBO. That’s the Department of the Blooming Obvious, to moderate the ‘B’ of it. There was (or still is) such a column in a newspaper.

I read that to have a massage, an author choosing this as a random thing, one needs to have a physical body. This is true! It would seem flimsy and wispy if one was trying to massage a spirit or soul without there being a physical body present.

Yet having a bodily massage or other treatment, as mentioned in some previous blogs, can also have an effect for good on one’s spirit or soul, or both, though we cannot see spirits or souls as tangible things.


Abraham Maslow, pictured above, (1908-1970), an American psychologist, is known for ‘Maslow’s Hammer’, or it may be called ‘golden hammer’. This is phrased as ‘if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail’. Some aspects of this won’t apply to massage of course. For example, you won’t be hammered or forced into any treatments.

Massage need not be as a hammer, in that it is not the only treatment available, though some may wish to have massage only. There is also waxing, threading, etc, and different types of massage – see the ‘Home’ web page.


At a church a Vicar said to someone at the end of a service, ‘Good to see you; not seen you for some time’. The person replied, ‘I’ve been with you all in spirit’. The Vicar replied, ‘That’s nice, but bring along your body more in future. That’s better than a lot of invisible spirits floating around’.

So we can do so for massage or other treatments. Come along in person, compos mentis, being ‘all there’. If not having been for some time, masseur may say, ‘Great to see you, you’ve changed a bit’. You may reply, ‘Well, it’s still me; it was the same me when I last looked in the mirror anyway!’