Monday 30 November 2020

Massages during the Covid Pandemic


Hopefully now that massage will continue with its momentum again, we may come for a massage or other treatment ‘for business or for pleasure’ purposes, as it were. Whatever the reasons, we can surely find sessions as enjoyable experiences.

If for pleasure, it may be a seasonal or non-seasonal treat, just to relax in the atmosphere and surroundings; to be calmed in body, soul, or spirit, or in all three of these. It can be giving oneself some time-out, plus helping the masseurs ‘trade’ at the same time.

After a hopefully pleasant time, one will be full of praise and admiration for the masseur, though not to the extent of flattery, which may get us nowhere! Yet one may have no hesitation in recommending the masseur to others, and so give him/her positive publicity. This causes two-way benefit, to clients and to the masseur.

Then one may look forward to more of the same, or other variations on massage or other treatments. 

Come along, try a first session, or another session, finding release or at least easing of any stresses and strains, particularly with the various ways that Covid has affected you over the past, or at present, or in uncertainties of the future. 

Not that it claims to be a magic wand waved over the situation, but massage and the other treatments doing what they can to contribute to health and well-being, as some of the many good things in life.

Thursday 29 October 2020

Can Having a Massage help with Pain?


If we have a pain, bodily or emotionally, our first reaction or response may be to wish it would go away as soon as possible.

Yet the cause of pains, some pains at least, may be as warnings that something is wrong physically (part of our body), or troubling our minds (part of our soul or spirit), and these may be interlinked at times.  With some massage, some pain may be caused, or seemingly feel worse, as things are done to get to the root of conditions.

 It may be like not wanting to feel too cold, though we shiver to aim to get warm; or not wanting to feel too hot, though we sweat to aim to cool down.

 ‘It’s a pain in the neck!’ This we may say, and experience it literally, or just say it as a figure of speech. Massage can surely help to relieve pains of body, soul, or spirit, though not as a magic wand waved. It can be therapeutic, as can other outlets, or at least to some extent, such as faith healing; positive thinking; having a ‘feel good’ attitude to life; etc. In some cases, pain, of whatever sort and wherever located, physiologically or psychologically, may remain a mystery.


Have a massage if needed. The aim is to help, to do good, not sadistically inflict pain and end up leaving a massage session worse than when you started it!



Tuesday 6 October 2020

How to relax when having a massage


It’s easy to do, to have something on our minds and/or hearts that can distract us. Some things can be nebulous, as if neither here nor there, some worry about a yesterday that has past, or a tomorrow that has not come yet.

It surely helps to be in the ‘now’ moments when having a massage. Hopefully this will bring a sense of peace, if one can focus on the ‘now’, though one may not be able to automatically switch off feelings, emotions, concerns, etc.

The massage itself may bring some measure of peace, if the outward sensations affect one inwardly, and if one can relax as far as possible. 

It may be that things of yesterday cannot be changed, though we may have regrets about them. And for things of tomorrow, they may be sublimated or eased somehow or somewhat, and not appear as worrying as one thought when they actually come to pass.

There can be relaxation for body, soul, and spirit in a massage. One has to face the future, yet being in the ‘now’ is surely not escapism, nor ignoring things as if saying, ‘Cheer up, it may never happen’. 

Having experienced a massage, one can find it wholly beneficial, and helpful in promoting peace of mind, so that one goes from these ‘now’ moments, on to the ‘not yet’ moments that are the future, with a better sense of well-being to face whatever one must, or needs to, face in life each day.

It’s true, if one may make such a claim, that undoubtedly there are psychological as well as physiological benefits in massage.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

What are the Benefits of a Swedish Massage?

There are benefits in human touch, even in these times where gloves may need to be worn. These benefits can be experienced through massage.

There is outward and inward benefit in this, in that there is the outward physical touch to the areas you require massaging.

 Also inwardly there is benefit, although unseen, ‘feel-good’ chemicals are released – oxytocin, serotonin, and melatonin. Not that it’s vital to understand the scientific aspects, nor have a chemistry lecture of a massage.

Yet touch causes a release of these chemicals within. They are made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, with a little sulphur too in oxytocin. 

It’s all good stuff, helping to inwardly renew us, as well as the pleasure and enjoyment of having a massage. Or more on the therapeutic side perhaps, if having a Sports Massage

Come for a ‘whole’ or holistic massage, possibly covering things you may know about it, and maybe learning new things you did not know about it; experiencing things outwardly that you can see, and things inwardly that you cannot see.

Friday 7 August 2020

Sense-sational Massage


As we sanitise our hands these days, a similar sounding word is sensitised.  This can be experienced in massage, through one masseurs two hands, or through two masseurs four hands.

There is the realisation of the benefit of human touch, and different sensations may be felt.  This will not be unpleasant, though some treatments may require more pressure to locate and deal with trouble-spots, such as in a Sports Massage.

 Ensure you ask for the appropriate massage you desire, or else, for example, if asking for a Sports Massage instead of a Swedish Massage, you may feel afterwards that you have been pulled through a hedge backwards! Or vice versa, you will have had a gentler Swedish Massage when you wanted a more firmer Sports Massage.

 There are other items too, such as hot stone massage or head and shoulders massage, it can be pleasurable and enhancing, just to come along for a treatment, soaking up the positive and healing atmosphere, and being put at ease by a friendly masseur – or two, if you so wish!

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Moments of Massage

With a massage, or other treatments, this will last longer than a few moments. Some treatments may be shorter than others, though you will receive your full hour, or whatever length of appointment time may be booked.

This can be as a haven, a time to relax and experience massage. Even with some treatments that may not be so relaxing, e.g. waxing, you will be put as ease, so that your session will be as painless as possible.

It can be a ‘time-out’, maybe with ideas of escapism, and yet not unrelated to the ‘real world’. Hopefully some benefit of some sort will be relevant to you, not disconnected as though reality is only  ‘out there’, outside the masseur’s/therapist’s front door. 

If one can take a step, maybe a new step, and book an appointment, even if needing courage to start with, one can find it a very positive and rewarding experience.

In some treatments, senses may seem to be ‘assaulted’, though only in pleasant ways, mainly the senses of touch and smell and possibly, to some lesser extent, the senses of hearing, sight, and taste. Sometimes in indirect ways.

Come and find out, or continue to explore, how a massage or other treatments may, or more positively, can, help you. 

This could relate not only to the physical aspects, but to aspects of spirit and soul too – the soul including the mind, or some say, the mind entirely. 

You will find a welcome to hopefully many enjoyable ‘moments’ of massage.

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Massage and Covid 19

What to write about massage, when there is no massage at present? Here are some thoughts.

Extraordinary, Unusual. Unprecedented. These are some words to describe the current coronavirus crisis. In many places at present there is a notice of temporary closure shown in shop windows, on websites, etc. The emphasis is on ‘temporary’ with that word often being underlined, or in bold type or capitals. This is so with your friendly masseur here.

We know we are not being anti-social on purpose, but all doing our vital part, hopefully short-term for the long-term good. Though terrifying in one sense – do follow rules, or potentially die, being the stark options.

Some emotions at this time may be feeling hurt or pained, whether because of our own situations, or the general situation of everyone. There may be the stress too of remembering to observe social distancing, and an essential walk to shops and back home, or going out for permitted purposes, such a walk or exercise, can feel like walking through a minefield. This can work two-way – come not near me, and I will not come near you, in case......we all know why.

When the crisis eases, come along to experience a lovely massage or other treatment, even if involving a bit of unavoidable pain to obtain what you wish through particular treatments. There is, for example, Sports Massage and Waxing. Meanwhile, maybe try gentle self-massage, relaxation, meditation, or other things to calm mind and body.

With trusting that ‘normal service will be resumed as soon as possible’, a massage may seem extra-special, and a treat to pamper oneself with. This will be when we are not two metres apart, but two inches next to each other, as it were. Or at least meeting in person with each other again for a massage, remembering and experiencing what we have all had to do without for a time.

Tuesday 24 March 2020

What Should I Do Before or After a Massage?

In a quiet corner of Horsell Common, not far from my home in Woking, off Monument Road there is Muslim Burial Ground, now a Peace Garden. 

A visit there can bring peace, whether needing to settle one’s mind before a massage or other treatment, or to maintain a sense of peace after a session.

Nearby is an area of tall trees, the setting for H.G. Wells’ ‘The War of the Worlds’, in an atmospheric and mystical environment. There need not be anything alien about treatments though. 

For example, the therapist will put you at ease if it is your first visit, hopefully making you soon feel relaxed and ‘at home’.

Taking a stroll to, or from, an appointment through this area of Horsell Common on a fine day or light evening can be very pleasant. 

Even passing the area if travelling by car, one can see the natural beauty of the surroundings. All this can contribute in some way toward the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of treatments, giving heightened awareness; a sense of holistic help; experiencing a peaceful and stress-free encounter, giving lasting benefit.

There is also ‘The Martian’ sculpture in Woking Town Centre. But then again, there is nothing spooky or suspicious in the treatments. You won’t have set foot on another planet, though you may feel you have, with a luxurious massage

Neither will your encounter be of ‘The Third Kind’. But all will be well, with friendly human care and attention given, not alien, which can often be hurtful, harmful, hostile. 

And yet – bring a camera if you wish. You might see E.T. if he has not gone home, or the Loch Ness Monster in the Basingstoke Canal if it has moved South!

Monday 16 March 2020

Should I have a Massage when there is flu epidemic?

Coronavirus is very much at the top of everyone's mind these days

So as massage involves touching another person, is this wise? This is a question for these times, but is also relevant whether there is any flu epidemic or not.

With massage there is the necessity of touching the relevant part or parts of the clients, though the highest standards of hygiene will be in operation, as it fact it will always been with any good masseur. 

We may highlight more at this time things such as washing hands properly. This is one basic thing in human life, relevant to any day.

Though we may observe other people not washing their hands after using public toilets. There may not even be a quick whisking of the hands under the tap and in the dryer. 

Then again, not to blame the cleaners, but a visit to a public toilet can turn out, aptly, to be convenient, or an awful horror. It’s ‘too much information’ to give the obvious details of this.

If we had x-rays eyes, we might see germs and other nasties  on things such as door handles, shop doors, objects in house or home, or wherever. 

We know we need not be paranoid, nor excessive, such as in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which sometimes includes extreme hand washing.

In all doing our part to maintain basic cleanliness, a lot of which is surely common sense, the outcome will hopefully be to keep health scares of disease, contamination, etc, to a minimum.

We may have to do without, or limit, touch in some areas of life for a while. But we can trust a reputable and professional massage therapist, and take a balanced approach. 

It can certainly be a positive experience to have a hands-on massage whether that's Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu or Hot Stone Massage.

Friday 6 March 2020

Occam's Razor and Male Waxing in Woking

About seven miles east from my beauty salon in Woking lies a village called Ockham. William of Ockham (or Occam) was born here. He was an English Franciscan friar who lived from 1285 to 1347. He is known for ‘Occam’s Razor’, a principle which can be paraphrased as ‘the simplest solution is most likely the right one’.

This may not be entirely unrelated to having a waxing, although a razor is not used. But a waxing can raze away unwanted or unsightly hair from various parts of the body, giving a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

We may not know what waxing, or similar methods, were around in William’s time of the 14th Century. If they were somewhat hair-raising, in the sense of the medieval health treatments operating then, with standards of hygiene and sanitation being questionable, we can be assured that this is not the case today.  You can find it as a hair-depleting experience, in the literal sense, if you should you choose to have a waxing.

Yet – no pain, no gain? The desire for waxing or other beauty treatments for whatever reason, may need to over-ride the law of parsimony. This again brings William in, as it is the name given to the Occam’s Razor principle. It means extreme unwillingness to spend money or use resources.

Paying out, within one’s means, can give satisfaction, pleasure, and contentment, with having experienced a beauty treatment from a fine massage therapist. 

There’s this one here in the 21st Century, seven and a half miles west of where William was born. Pop down the road from Ockham, or from further afield sometime soon, where a warm welcome awaits.

Friday 28 February 2020

Why Should I have a Hot Stone Massage?

It is true that massage is a ‘hands-on’ experience, or it could be called a ‘stones-on’ experience if you are having a hot stone massage. In this, there is the benefit of human touch from a masseur, whether as a general help, or to relieve particular aches or pains or stresses. One can trust to the masseur for the session, not having to do anything oneself, but simply to relax and enjoy the session.

The masseur’s hands and temperature of the room will be warm enough to be comfortable and pleasant, along with the atmosphere of the room, helping to give a relaxing ambience. 

There is the experience of feeling the masseur’s hands, whether gliding softly, maybe with oil, or maybe more firmly where needed in certain areas. With hot stones there is the feeling of the stones on one’s body, and gradually decreasing in heat until newly-heated stones are applied. 

One may have some unusual reactions from massage, though not harmful. They may arise, in some cases, from one’s subconscious, such as tingles or shivers, even on a warm day, or extra warmth, even on a cold day. One can go with the flow of these, as nothing sinister or dangerous is happening.

Also during the massage one may breathe deeply in and out, all helping to contribute towards the balance, or restoring of balance, between body, soul, and spirit. This can enable us to feel human again, if feeling stressed out, and give a true impression of massage as wholly therapeutic. Hopefully clients find the massage is, or has been, well worth it.

Friday 21 February 2020

Why should I have a Massage?

In the hustle and bustle often of everyday life, if you get a chance, make time for a massage. It can be beneficial and therapeutic.

It can be true that there are experiences and feelings beyond the literal ‘surface’ massage, where one can relax and be eased of strains and stresses. 

These could be psychosomatic - something of the body affecting the soul or spirit, or vice versa, where aches and pains of the body may be due to some strain or tension within. These can arise from the soul or spirit, in the complexity of each human being.

So a hands-on massage can ease surface tensions, and also more deep-seated matters. The peace, comfort, good feelings, etc, of a good massage can be retained after the actual massage session, or at least to some extent.

It helps to give oneself enough time, and to plan around the massage appointment, such as not being heavily dependent on time constraints. For example, if dashing off immediately after the massage to catch a bus or train, making a tight schedule for oneself, it could mean that the beneficial aspects of the massage are soon lost. This is a pity, as something positive, healing, helpful will likely have taken place during the massage or hopefully not too long after it.

It may be that a masseur has ‘healing hands’, though this is not only a one-way thing, if we do believe he/she has healing hands. 

There is also the client’s receptivity too, and their openness for the massage to be, to a good degree, what they wish it to be. 

They can bring their expectations to the massage session, and so find it as a two-way process between the masseur and the client, in co-operation, so covering psychological (soul, spirit) as well as physiological (body) aspects, for a truly wholesome massage.