Tuesday 6 October 2020

How to relax when having a massage


It’s easy to do, to have something on our minds and/or hearts that can distract us. Some things can be nebulous, as if neither here nor there, some worry about a yesterday that has past, or a tomorrow that has not come yet.

It surely helps to be in the ‘now’ moments when having a massage. Hopefully this will bring a sense of peace, if one can focus on the ‘now’, though one may not be able to automatically switch off feelings, emotions, concerns, etc.

The massage itself may bring some measure of peace, if the outward sensations affect one inwardly, and if one can relax as far as possible. 

It may be that things of yesterday cannot be changed, though we may have regrets about them. And for things of tomorrow, they may be sublimated or eased somehow or somewhat, and not appear as worrying as one thought when they actually come to pass.

There can be relaxation for body, soul, and spirit in a massage. One has to face the future, yet being in the ‘now’ is surely not escapism, nor ignoring things as if saying, ‘Cheer up, it may never happen’. 

Having experienced a massage, one can find it wholly beneficial, and helpful in promoting peace of mind, so that one goes from these ‘now’ moments, on to the ‘not yet’ moments that are the future, with a better sense of well-being to face whatever one must, or needs to, face in life each day.

It’s true, if one may make such a claim, that undoubtedly there are psychological as well as physiological benefits in massage.