Tuesday 31 August 2021

Just a Minute. Or Two


Written by a customer of Daniel Beauty.


We all know ‘Every little helps’, whether we dash off to Tesco or not. We may also know ‘Every minute counts’ in various contexts. including massage.

But – oh no! – looking up one massage service in my local area, not Woking, it shall remain anonymous so as not to give it poor publicity. The details showed pricing as more expensive than Daniel  Beauty, and time before and after the actual treatment showed as 5 to 10 minutes included in the session booked, depending on what treatment is required, e.g. you get 50 or 55 minutes treatment, but pay for 60 minutes. Though at least this is explained beforehand.


It’s disappointing to read, and then possibly say ‘Oh, I didn’t realise preparation time was included in the sessions’. Also, it’s sneaky to shave off a minute or two before and/or after an actual treatment. In these cases you won’t be experiencing your full shave, waxing, or whatever treatment you have. It will have been shaved off time-wise though!

 This seems poor practice. It never happens at Daniel Beauty, and there are probably many other places too where it never happens. But every minute definitely counts, with, to spell out the costs, the rate in some cases being over £1 per minute. It is necessary nitty-gritty. We wouldn’t bother about 5 minutes if it only cost 5 pence!


Anyway, it advertised as "preperation" time, whatever that is! You want the best, and will hopefully find, or have found, Daniel and other colleagues at the same venue now and again, of excellent repute, as you enjoy your full allocation of the minutes you book. 

You won’t find any minutes ‘unjust’, in the sense of them being non-existent due to having less than your full time, so you won’t be short-changed for your massage either.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

What makes you desire a Massage?


This is not a discourse on making sure you attend your massage appointments or give enough time if you need to cancel them. But please read on!

In part of the brain’s workings there is Selective Attention. It is, in simple terms, the ability to select certain things to give attention to in daily life.

This can be endogenous, ‘from within’. An example is that when we feel hungry, have empty tummy rumbles, etc, from within ourselves, and give our attention to preparing a burger or whatever we choose to eat.  Or it can be exogenous, ‘from outside’. An example is that we see an advertisement for burgers, or other food, and give our attention to that, though we may not be hungry at the time.

 This could apply to massage. If we feel like, wish for, or desire a massage or other treatment, we act endogenously, and may make an appointment with a masseur.  If we see advertisements, videos, etc, of massage or other treatments, we act in an exogenous way. The images remind us of massage, and so we may make an appointment, though not having previously been thinking about massage.

Thankfully we don’t have to consciously trace whether we are acting endogenously or exogenously each time. The endogenous, ’from within’ things may happen more consciously, where we use our wills, make decisions, choices, etc. The exogenous, ‘from outside’ things may happen more subconsciously, where we had not been previously, thinking, mulling over, etc.

 Whether endogenous or exogenous, where your selective attention may turn to massage or other treatments, come along for another visit. Of course, you don’t have to know and understand all the workings of the brain (phew!) of which this is but one area. 

We hope you will be ‘selective’, maybe including being choosy, preferential, what takes your fancy, wanting more of a good thing, etc, and give ‘attention’ to Daniel’s massage services.

Wednesday 11 August 2021

The perfect Massage


We may come across people, hopefully not very often, who may not be as ‘people-people’, or as heard more in the singular, ‘people-person’. This could apply in various areas, such as employment, education or socially. Though socially you may not want such people in your mix of friends, and they would be unfriendly anyway.

With relating to employment, if you unhappily have a manager or worse, more than one, who is not a ‘people-person’, there can be a tendency that employees are treated as things or objects, and hardly as human beings. If assertive enough, we may say ‘Look, it’s me; I am human; I am here; I exist’.


In the area of massage and other treatments, customers or clients are surely seen as human, and there is friendly interacting and relating between masseur and customers.

There is always the risk if there is a feedback option after customers have experienced a service, from whatever customer service we may have experienced, masseur or non-masseur. 

A masseur (or other business) can trust they have given and done their best for customers. The feedback is then hopefully seen in testimonials, positive comments, by word of mouth, online, etc, that are wonderful, glowing, ‘all good stuff’ sort of things.

If, for example, there are star ratings that customers can give, it can be detrimental or even disastrous if not maintaining a 5-star level. Some customers may think a little less of a service if it has even a 4.9 average. Sometimes it is entirely variable though. 

A customer may give a 1 rating, and some other customers may give a 4 or 5 rating, knowing from experience it is at least better than a 1. But no-one wants to receive any zeros! Though in all this, there does not HAVE to be feedback. Some business may not ‘do feedback’ for whatever reasons.

 Your massage or other treatment may be 100% perfect – we hope it is! But it will be good, we trust,  whatever you have, as you can read in our Massage testimonials.