Monday 30 November 2020

Massages during the Covid Pandemic


Hopefully now that massage will continue with its momentum again, we may come for a massage or other treatment ‘for business or for pleasure’ purposes, as it were. Whatever the reasons, we can surely find sessions as enjoyable experiences.

If for pleasure, it may be a seasonal or non-seasonal treat, just to relax in the atmosphere and surroundings; to be calmed in body, soul, or spirit, or in all three of these. It can be giving oneself some time-out, plus helping the masseurs ‘trade’ at the same time.

After a hopefully pleasant time, one will be full of praise and admiration for the masseur, though not to the extent of flattery, which may get us nowhere! Yet one may have no hesitation in recommending the masseur to others, and so give him/her positive publicity. This causes two-way benefit, to clients and to the masseur.

Then one may look forward to more of the same, or other variations on massage or other treatments. 

Come along, try a first session, or another session, finding release or at least easing of any stresses and strains, particularly with the various ways that Covid has affected you over the past, or at present, or in uncertainties of the future. 

Not that it claims to be a magic wand waved over the situation, but massage and the other treatments doing what they can to contribute to health and well-being, as some of the many good things in life.

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