Friday 29 January 2021

Touching Times for a Massage Therapist


With some things in human life, we may not always appreciate them until we may have to go without them for a while, whether a short of long time. Or at least we may forget the benefits, or some of them, of pleasant experiences, or what we had in the past, but maybe not have now, whether temporarily or permanently.

This could be so with human touch, with the present Covid-19 restrictions, and also relating to massage, where we can sense the human touch of one, two, or even four hands. It surely is of benefit, with human beings having body, soul, and spirit interlinked.


We do not have to know the sometimes seeming deep, or hidden, psychological-type things that may be involved in massage. We may simply come along for relaxation; easing of muscle strain; for a pampered treat; or for whatever reason.

Though lack of a sense can indeed be restricting, and sometimes another sense or senses may be heightened to compensate for a missing sense, or a sense of reduced quality. This can be so, if we lack, or are restricted in one or more senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch. Then again, we may ourselves restrict one sense or more (e.g. touch) for a time, whether voluntarily or mandatorily.


Come along, when it is possible again, to a friendly and welcoming massage session,  when hopefully the restrictions on touching are removed, if a new customer, or a returning customer, and experience anew, or sense again, what you have been missing.

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