Tuesday 26 May 2020

Massage and Covid 19

What to write about massage, when there is no massage at present? Here are some thoughts.

Extraordinary, Unusual. Unprecedented. These are some words to describe the current coronavirus crisis. In many places at present there is a notice of temporary closure shown in shop windows, on websites, etc. The emphasis is on ‘temporary’ with that word often being underlined, or in bold type or capitals. This is so with your friendly masseur here.

We know we are not being anti-social on purpose, but all doing our vital part, hopefully short-term for the long-term good. Though terrifying in one sense – do follow rules, or potentially die, being the stark options.

Some emotions at this time may be feeling hurt or pained, whether because of our own situations, or the general situation of everyone. There may be the stress too of remembering to observe social distancing, and an essential walk to shops and back home, or going out for permitted purposes, such a walk or exercise, can feel like walking through a minefield. This can work two-way – come not near me, and I will not come near you, in case......we all know why.

When the crisis eases, come along to experience a lovely massage or other treatment, even if involving a bit of unavoidable pain to obtain what you wish through particular treatments. There is, for example, Sports Massage and Waxing. Meanwhile, maybe try gentle self-massage, relaxation, meditation, or other things to calm mind and body.

With trusting that ‘normal service will be resumed as soon as possible’, a massage may seem extra-special, and a treat to pamper oneself with. This will be when we are not two metres apart, but two inches next to each other, as it were. Or at least meeting in person with each other again for a massage, remembering and experiencing what we have all had to do without for a time.