Friday 7 August 2020

Sense-sational Massage


As we sanitise our hands these days, a similar sounding word is sensitised.  This can be experienced in massage, through one masseurs two hands, or through two masseurs four hands.

There is the realisation of the benefit of human touch, and different sensations may be felt.  This will not be unpleasant, though some treatments may require more pressure to locate and deal with trouble-spots, such as in a Sports Massage.

 Ensure you ask for the appropriate massage you desire, or else, for example, if asking for a Sports Massage instead of a Swedish Massage, you may feel afterwards that you have been pulled through a hedge backwards! Or vice versa, you will have had a gentler Swedish Massage when you wanted a more firmer Sports Massage.

 There are other items too, such as hot stone massage or head and shoulders massage, it can be pleasurable and enhancing, just to come along for a treatment, soaking up the positive and healing atmosphere, and being put at ease by a friendly masseur – or two, if you so wish!