Friday 28 February 2020

Why Should I have a Hot Stone Massage?

It is true that massage is a ‘hands-on’ experience, or it could be called a ‘stones-on’ experience if you are having a hot stone massage. In this, there is the benefit of human touch from a masseur, whether as a general help, or to relieve particular aches or pains or stresses. One can trust to the masseur for the session, not having to do anything oneself, but simply to relax and enjoy the session.

The masseur’s hands and temperature of the room will be warm enough to be comfortable and pleasant, along with the atmosphere of the room, helping to give a relaxing ambience. 

There is the experience of feeling the masseur’s hands, whether gliding softly, maybe with oil, or maybe more firmly where needed in certain areas. With hot stones there is the feeling of the stones on one’s body, and gradually decreasing in heat until newly-heated stones are applied. 

One may have some unusual reactions from massage, though not harmful. They may arise, in some cases, from one’s subconscious, such as tingles or shivers, even on a warm day, or extra warmth, even on a cold day. One can go with the flow of these, as nothing sinister or dangerous is happening.

Also during the massage one may breathe deeply in and out, all helping to contribute towards the balance, or restoring of balance, between body, soul, and spirit. This can enable us to feel human again, if feeling stressed out, and give a true impression of massage as wholly therapeutic. Hopefully clients find the massage is, or has been, well worth it.