Thursday 30 June 2022

Therapeutic Times for Masage


A massage therapist is able to offer, as the name suggests, massage as therapy, plus other therapies such as waxing, hot stones, threading, etc.

We need not be put off by the thought of ‘therapy’ though, and have probably heard descriptions, or experienced ourselves of being, for example, ‘in therapy’, or ‘having therapy’, or ‘getting an area of one’s life sorted out’, and so on. The English word ‘therapy’ comes via the Latin ‘therapia’ which is from the Greek, and literally means ‘curing’ or ‘healing’.

There is a broad range of therapies, a massive range in fact, relating to body, soul, and spirit. Some of these can overlap, or even include all three aspects in holistic (whole-listic) treatments. People can sift through therapies that are available. They may range from seemingly cranky or hocus-pocus, to middling and maybe of some use, to positive and helpful therapies. The latter may start as ‘I will give that a try’ and may go on to become ‘It’s just what I need (or needed)’.

It may not be that massage can actually cure ailments, such as physical diseases, nor whether it actually can heal completely, though that could sometimes happen. But hopefully one will find relief in some measure from aches and pains, stresses, etc, and experience healing of some sort, whether in small, medium, or large ways.

In coming for a massage or other treatment, it is possible for it to be ‘all good stuff’, as when one says to their friend ‘I was just talking about you’, and the friend replies ‘All good stuff I hope!’ Clients may (or will) experience an overall sense of sessions being conducive to their well-being. And again, as in holistic types of treatments, somehow an atmosphere or influence – call it what you will – of wholeness will pervade and be sensed.

In this blog, it may seem as if it is elevating massage to great heights, or new heights, though clients do find treatments beneficial. One may wish to publicise and promote one’s own ‘trade’ positively, though there is something in it for clients personally. It can also be that they are enabled to relate more easily or freely to others in some ways, such as when some ache, pain, tension, etc, has been lessened, or even removed altogether. Though masseurs don’t have magic wands that they wave!

See you soon maybe, for a massage or whatever treatment you wish.