Monday 26 September 2022

Can you read your body?


This blog links with massage. It need not go over your head in incomprehensibility, nor be full of 8-syllable words like this! But a little of Einstein to start with. 

There is his E=MC2. My own ditty is A+C=M, this being Anabolism (building up) plus Catabolism (breaking down) equals Metabolism (the process of the balancing out of the building up and the breaking down).

There is an expression of ‘body literacy’ meaning, to quote a Collect/Prayers sometimes heard in church, to ‘read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest’. It refers in church to the Scriptures. Some of it can apply to our own bodies, though we don’t inwardly digest ourselves!

Not to flog the words ‘physiological’ and ‘psychological’ to death as pet words conspicuous by their presence, not by their absence, in several previous blogs, though your body may be ‘saying’ or requesting that it could do with a massage of some sort, Swedish, Sports, etc, or some other treatment such as a waxing, threading, or whatever.

We can listen to our bodies, though not get greedy, such as ‘replying’ to ourselves: ‘Not now, body; I’ve not the time nor the money for it; you only had a treatment last week’. But depending on your situation, time, finances, needs, etc, you may feel lead to book another session, or even a first session.

It will surely be anabolic for you, in building you up, giving you a feel-good factor, being a pleasant experience, and so on. See you soon maybe, or see you again soon, for your massage and/or other requirements.


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