Saturday 5 February 2011

Should a Massage Therapist advertise on Facebook?

Today I got not one but two calls from one of those God-awful sales people.

You know the type: they sound like they are - or want to be – your best friend, use your name in every sentence and are just a little bit too excited on the phone, except you can hear their colleagues shouting at their potentially hot leads in the background too. Oh how I pity those poor souls working in call centres. It must be very depressing for them.

Anyway, if you have read this massage and male waxing blog before you will know how annoyed I got by endless sales calls from morons thinking they could ”manage” my Google Ad Words campaign and charge me a fortune for doing something I am quite capable of doing myself.

Today I got a call from a guy who had a space – and only one space mind you – for a massage therapist in my area (Woking Surrey) to advertise on Facebook. Now I had been discussing whether you can advertise locally on Facebook with some friends recently and they told me that it is possible, so I had been considering the possibility anyway.

I let this over-excited over-friendly desperate-for-commission salesman go through his irritating patter and asked – what can their company do for me and my massage business on Facebook that I can’t do myself? Apparently Facebook encourages you to spend £300 a week and they can do it for half that. Why? Bulk buying I suggest. A suggestion that Mr Over-Excited leaps upon as correct: Oh you are smart Daniel!

A quick look at Facebook – and five minutes filling in a form to create an advert – reveals this to be complete rubbish.

If I decide to advertise my male massage business on Facebook – rather than Google Ad Words, I shall be doing it myself and spending as little or as much as I decide. Much like Google’s Ad Words really.

The only question in my mind is: Which is better – Ad Words or Facebook?

There’s only one way to find out…… Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!