Saturday 11 June 2011

No Need to Wait in Your Car

If you arrive early for your male massage or male waxing appointment, there's no need to wait in your car outside. My glamorous assistant is around most days Monday to Friday to let you in if I am busy with my previous client.

If you are very early he may also offer you a drink. Either way you can sit and relax in my waiting room and thumb through old copies of the Woman's Weekly and Readers Digest.

Sometimes, of course, the previous client may have arrived late and I will try to be with you as soon as possible. At times I can also be too busy to deal with enquiries about a facial or threading so my assistant may also answer your calls and texts while I am working in my massage and therapy room.

All this is to help to provide you with the best possible service and return your calls, texts and emails as soon as possible.