Saturday 12 March 2011

A male waxing party

The other day a guy phoned up to ask if I could give him a back wax, how much it would hurt and how much it would cost etc. All the normal questions I get all the time.

So far, so good.

Then - and this is the bit which was unusual and took me aback - he confessed that actually he wanted the male waxing for a birthday present for a mate of his and wondered if he and a couple of mates could watch the whole process!

This was certainly a first for me, having thought about it for a short while, and warned him that it would be a bit of a tight squeeze in the beauty therapy room, I agreed.

When he turned up with 4 other lads (how did I guess it was going to be young lads?!) and asked to film the whole male waxing process - which ended up being chest waxing, as well as back waxing - I had to draw the line and refused.

Still, at least he got a memorable birthday present. And -given they split the cost between fourof them - a cheap one at that!