Saturday 28 May 2011

Male Massage Therapist gets yet another annoying Sales Call

So there I was sitting in the sun having a late lunch during a break between a massage client and a male waxing client, when my phone rings.

My heart sinks as I can tell it's a Manchester number and therefore likely to be a sales call rather than a potential client wanting to book me for a facial in Surrey.

In a weak moment I decide to answer the phone and  soon ask the sales woman what she is selling. She assures me she's not selling anything but wants to give me some many people have searched for male massage in Surrey in the last month and how many people search Google for waxing men in Surrey etc.

Then we get onto the sales pitch about how she can get me onto page one of Google..blah blah blah. It takes 3 attempts at me asking the same question: "So are you offering to manage my Ad Words Campaign?" before I get a straight answer.

Apparently they can manage 5 key words that people searching for my services would use to find me (for example massage in Woking, male waxing in Surrey, threading in Surrey and facials in Woking), for £165 I asked her what can she do for me that I can't do myself as I can manage my own Ad Words campaign thank you. Well they do "intensive research" on my key words should be and they can use "better keywords". Then I ask her: "As you don't know which key words I use, how do you know your key words are better than mine?"
She quickly hung up!