Saturday 10 March 2012

How do I market my Laser Lipo business?

Did you know that Inbound Marketing is becoming more important to a Laser Lipo and Male Waxing business these days than Outbound Marketing?

I certainly didn’t. Until I read an article this week I had no idea what Inbound or Outbound Marketing were.

To save you the time of reading what was an unecessarily long e-book full of pie charts and diagrams I can summarise it for you. Here is a list of marketing techniques in order of importance:




Linked In


Email Campaigns

Direct Marketing

Trade Shows

The bottom three (Outbound Marketing) are becoming less and less important to gaining sales leads and the top three (Inbound Marketing) are becoming more and more importand to generating hot male waxing and male massage leads.

The Inbound Marketing - along with PPC (Google Adwords) is where we have been putting our effort for years and will continue to do so - as the cost to my Laser Lipo business for each lead generated is a lot less than the Outbound Marketing. It's great to know that we have been doing the right things all along - without knowing it.

So where will you put your time, effort and money in future?