Friday 16 March 2012

How much does Laser Lipo cost?

I have been a trained Laser Lipo technician for a while now - and offer Laser Lipo inch-loss treatment sessions at my home salon in Woking Surrey for about a year. I have even given myself and my partner several treatments over that time.

But now - thanks to our special offer - we are too busy to treat ourselves and take a brisk walk afterwards.

As we have building works going on at home for a few months, I thought that we'd offer a discount for new clients - as a sort of compensation for the noise, mess and disruption and so that we could get some Laser Lipo clients during the day (before the builders go home at 3pm). So we came up with the idea of £400 for 8 treatments as long as the treatments were paid for in advance. (Well we have to pay the builders somehow!) Anyway that's a whopping 40 per cent discount on an already-discounted price and values each Laser Lipo treatment at just £50 each.

With a newly-written Google Adwords campaign highlighting this offer running, I have never been so busy with Laser Lipo treatments (let alone my male waxing, massage, facials and threading clients) that I don’t get chance to treat myself anymore! I even have two clients with the same name - which is a recipe for trouble.

I have just remembered - I did have one day off recently when the builders had to prop up the hall ceiling by putting an acro-prop in front of my treatment room door - preventing anyone getting in or out. Every cloud...