Saturday 10 March 2012

How to run a Laser Lipo and Massage Business with Builders

No one said that running a business was easy. Especially a Laser Lipo, Massage and Male Waxing business when you are the boss. Long hours. Spending the weekend doing accounts and catching up on paperwork.

But that is made all the harder when the builders move in. Earlier starts - and even later finishes as we have to schedule some massage clients after 4pm.

Still I am sure it will be worth all the pain in the end. At least that is what we tell ourselves as Andrew, Ricky and I sit just a little bit too close to each other for comfort or hygeine - cramped into one tiny office for weeks on end.

Thankfully most of my clients are very understanding and are intrigued by what is going on rather than disturbed by the noise, mess and disruption. I also continue to offer appointments in the evenings and at weekends when it is quiet.

I suppose it doesn't make too much difference to someone having a Laser Lipo treatment, Threading, a Facial or Male Waxing once they are in my therapy room. Some of my clients are even happy to have a massage while the builders make a racket!

And for that I remain very thankful - builders aren't cheap.