Monday 21 February 2022

Paying for a Massage


There are payment fees for massage. This is not a discussion about costs, though it is related to spending.

Shoppers, purchasers, users of services, etc, are known as consumers. The term consumption, a possible derivative, can relate to spending. 

There is conspicuous consumption, described by Thorstein Veblen, a Norwegian-American economist and sociologist, (1857-1929, see picture below), where purchases of goods or displays of wealth are made, intending that others will see them and appreciate them. We do what we wish with our money, of course, though Veblen calls this type of consumption wasteful.


There is inconspicuous consumption, described by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, an American academic and author (see picture below), where there is lifestyle-related consumption of things which show people’s cultural standing. Some of these things are the type of education pursued, eating organic foods or doing yoga.

When having a massage, waxingthreading, or any beauty treatment, you will be a client or a customer, for example. You give the masseur your custom for his services. It’s all made a pleasant experience we trust, so that you will wish to return again – and maybe many times!

Come along to ‘consume’ some massage or whatever treatment soon.




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