Tuesday 1 February 2022

Are you on the fence about a massage?


Are you on the fence or hedging your bets about a massage?     

Is this you perhaps, re massage?

With communication, there are hedging words and boosting words. Hedging words are softer, tentative, indefinite, etc, such as:


‘I may have a waxing soon.’

‘Perhaps I shall go for a threading next week.’

‘I might enquire about a hot stone massage shortly.’

‘I’m not sure, but am curious about a Swedish massage.’


                              Sitting on the fence can be uncomfortable

Boosting words are more definite, expressing one’s own views, preferences, desires, etc, such as:


‘I will have an Indian head massage next time.’

‘I must have a waxing for my legs/arms/etc soon.’

‘I am confident that a sports massage will be helpful.’

‘I shall not put off a facial treatment any longer.’


Note the unsubtle references to the masseur’s services in these examples! There is no forcing or pressuring to have a massage other treatment, of course. It is entirely client’s own choices. 

Though if sitting on the hedge (or fence) over it, and using hedging words, or umm-ing and ahh-ing over it, you may wish to take as decisive step, and so feel boosted, satisfied, uplifted, when you have had a treatment.

                                               more than a hedge

Not to put words into client’s mouths, though hopefully, you will express boosting-type words, such as:


‘Wonderful massage; best I’ve ever had.’

‘Full of praise and appreciation for a fine masseur’.

‘Well worth the visit; homely, friendly, supportive.’

‘I can’t find any fault in this – not that I want to!’


You as the client say these things, so that it is boosting by you, and not an ego-trip or boasting by the masseur. Yet it can help to give the masseur added publicity and enhancement of his services.  

See you soon possibly, for massage or whatever treatment you choose.

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