Wednesday 16 February 2022

Get the Message: Come for a Massage



You will know the address of your friendly masseur when you visit for a massage or other treatment. There are addresses also in computing, such as e-mail addresses, and IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.


Computing may relate, if indirectly so, to massage and other treatments, in the area of time. There is a way on computers to call up to see how quickly messages are getting through. These are timed in milliseconds (ms). You won’t be charged for massage by the millisecond though! We won’t notice any delays in transmissions of messages though, e.g. 20 ms is longer than 5 ms, but both are the time of the blink of an eye, or quicker.


From one extreme to the other, from minute, in this case meaning less than the 60 second ‘minute’, to fantastically enormous. There is an IP version 6, vastly greater than the IP version 4, though both are in use today. I don’t know if there is or was an IP version 5.


A computer whizz-kid could go into all the explanation of this here – but I’m not one. But to say, the IP version 6 is capable of producing many more addresses. It’s an understatement of the year, or of the century even, to say version 6 is ‘quite’ larger than version 4.


IP version 4 can give 2 to the power of 32 addresses, which is a bit under 5 thousand million. IP version 6 can give 2 to the power of 128 addresses, which is a number more than there are grains of the sand, and more massage visits than is humanly imaginable – linking in massage here, so as not to digress completely.


There is a quote by technology and marketing consultant Steve Leibson, that is mind-boggling: ‘We could assign an IP version 6 address to every atom on the surface of the earth and still have enough to cover over 100 more earths. It is not remotely likely that we will run out of IP version 6 addresses at any time in the future.’


Come along for a massage, waxing, threading, or whatever treatment you wish, hopefully finding it mind-boggling in pleasant and enjoyable ways.


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