Saturday 14 August 2010

I also offer Male Waxing

Did you also know that - as well as offering Shiatsu massage, Swedish Massage, Indian head massage and Sports Massage (now that I am qualified) I offer the surprisingly popular service of hair removal by waxing.

There are two types of male waxing I can offer you. One is for your body parts (legs, back etc) and the other for, well, shall we say, the more -ahem - intimate areas of your body:

Warm waxing (strip waxing) is used for your legs, arms, bikini-line back and chest. Warm waxing is the most popular method as it removes hairs quickly and efficiently. It can be used on larger areas and is suitable for most hair types. I will put the warm wax on your skin in a very thin layer using a special new dispenser. Then I will use a fabric strip, pressed onto the waxed area and remove it as quickly as possible.

And then there is Hot Waxing (hard waxing) which is normally used for - down below - that is Brazilian and Hollywood waxes. I will put hot wax on your skin with a spatula. As the wax cools it hardens and it contracts around your hair. I will then pull it off your skin quickly and - this is the important thing -  the hair removed from the root.

And because the hair is removed from the root, rather than shaving which doesn't remove it - the lovely effect lasts for up to 6 weeks.

So does it hurt? I will use my special numbing cream before hand so probably not as much as you think it might. And if you come regularly for waxing treatments, the hair - when it does grow back - is much finer than before and is therefore less painful when it is pulled out. And each subsequent treatment becomes less and less painful. Easy eh?