Sunday 22 August 2010

A Male Waxing Client on the Telly

Having been running my massage business for a couple of years - and doing very well with it - I decided to offer waxing as well.

A colleague had suggested that it would complement the massage therapy business nicely. Afer a couple of waxing courses (body waxing and then intimate male waxing) and practising on my partner and several friends, it is going surprisingly well.

Some people come for a back and shoulders, others for the infamous BS&C and a few for full-body waxings (including a couple of young men who were off on a stag night; others just wanted to show off their bodies during the summer holidays.)

But the other day I had a call from a man who was being PAID to having a full body wax. He was a bit nervous, apprehensive and not wanting to be removed of all his hair at all! You see he was about to film a television commercial and is being well rewarded for it. Apparently he will have his body painted and will appear in an advert during the Christmas period.

I don't know if I will recognise him on the tellybox when he does appear and I doubt very much if he will be a repeat customer but it's rewarding to know that my handiwork will be seen my millions.