Thursday 25 March 2021

To Touch Again


Some Blogs of recent months have included the theme of touching. This may be a suitable time to cover some aspects of the theme again. Its also  the basis of massage of course.

We can find comfort, and so can our pets, as a two-way thing, in stroking and making a fuss of them at times. We may be missing the ‘human touch’ in various ways, where these are not advised. These can be handshakes, hugs, an encouraging pat on the back or shoulder, or other ways of non-verbal communication where actual touch is involved.


We likely have had to settle for alternatives such as a nod or wink, or thumbs up, non-contact high fives, or even small bows, without going as far as falling at a person’s feet! With massage hopefully resuming in the near future we, and the masseur, will be able to experience the human touch again. So that is also a two-way thing, while not forgetting those pets to pamper!

There can be warmth, sensitivity, and a range of hopefully pleasant emotions experienced in massage, as masseurs seek to do their best to meet individually tailored requirements – just what each person desires each session to be. Bear with the human touch ‘hunger’ a while more, with the anticipation of sensing touch again soon, whether as a new client, or as a returning client, who maybe says, ‘That’s all good stuff; I will have more of that, please!’


Whether massage or other treatments where touch is necessary, to a greater or lesser extent, the experience of it can be beneficial, if you are a ‘touchy-feely’ person or not. Plan a visit for a massage when ‘normal’ or a ‘new normal’ comes to pass.

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