Tuesday 13 April 2021

Support your local Masseur again

This blog has been written by one of Daniel Beauty's clients

Time soon again to support your local, or maybe not so local massage therapist. But it’s worth it, seeing as I, as one of Daniel’s clients, travel as and when I can, not living locally. But whether living near or far, I am sure you will experience the unique professionalism and atmosphere of making a visit to Daniel’s again, or maybe for the first time. We can have a taste of how it will be, from reading the true testimonials on Daniel’s website, one of which is mine!

 As things hopefully continue to ease, come along to experience again, or anew, the ‘human touch’ in massage, or whatever other treatment you wish to have. You may recall good memories of relaxation and the atmosphere of the pleasant surroundings. Also, thinking of ‘how it was’, and ‘that’s good; I should like more of that’.

 There can be restoration of some things we have been deprived of, as it were, that were not possible in lockdowns. But also, you may consider massage and similar treatments as ‘essential’, though they have been classed as ‘non-essential’ businesses! Or at least, businesses where necessary human contact and touch have had to be suspended.

What with a massage, waxing, hot stones, or whatever, and maybe a nice haircut or trim, now that it is possible to have them again too, you will know simple pleasures and pampering for yourself – and may wish to recommend services to friends too.

 If you wish, and if and when you can for a massage – ‘Don’t delay; book today!’




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