Friday 4 March 2016

Why are young men obsessed by their appearance?

In the last few months there has been an explosion of TV programmes about the male body and the male obsession with perfection.

We have seen Tattoo Fixers on E4, Tattoo Disasters on Five, My Tattoo Addiction on Channel 4, Ink Master Revenge on Spike and then there was Dying for a Six Pack on BBC Three with the excellent Reggie Yates.

With the unstoppable rise of Social Media and the ease with which teens can take selfies on their phones, they have to be the most body-obsessed generation ever. And yet withdrawing from Facebook, Twitter etc leaves people happier and less worried about how they look to their followers.

They epilate (wax), thread their eyebrows, go to the gym every day, moisturise, get their hair cut every 2 weeks, have botox, fillers and facials. Admittedly TV only features the most extreme cases, so why do so few men go to beauty salons?