Saturday 4 December 2010

New beauty therapies for a waxing therapist

I know that I haven't blogged in a while but I have been very busy (that is until the snow came and all my clients disappeared but that's another story!)

Until I was left twiddling my thumbs this week, I have been deciding what other beauty therapies to offer my clients alongside what I offer from my home in Woking Surrey already:  shiatsu massage, swedish massage, indian head massage, sports massage, hot waxing and strip waxing.

I have been training in facials, have completed the practical courses and I am now half-way through doing half a dozen free facials to prove that I can actually do it! Oh and then there is the paperwork. Oh how I hate paperwork.

So anyway, back to this snowy weather and my lack of clients; everyone stays at home unless they have to go out. I have taken this quiet period to get a plumber round and he is now half-way through installing a sink in my therapy room; I need the water so that I can do facials without running into the kitchen every two minutes!

So let's hope I get busy again very soon...