Monday, 24 May 2021

The Gateway to your next Massage


Visiting Daniel Beauty may be your gateway to various pleasant massage experiences, we trust. There are some pubs named The Gateway also. Here is one in a town in Berkshire (see picture) near a Railway Station.


With beauty treatments, as with going to pubs, there can be some similarities, such as enjoyment, feeling refreshed, good company. At The Gateway in Woking, the home of your friendly masseur/therapist, at the Woodham Lane entrance there are two small white fences either side of the road. These could symbolise gates, though there are also some nearby at Woodham Waye (see satellite picture on Google maps).


If going via The Six Crossroads Roundabout, don’t go too far along Woodham Lane as it’s about 3 miles long! Turn off at the white fences about half a mile along.


A gate is an entrance or exit to or from another path, track, etc. Maybe go through that gate as a new experience, and have a massage or other treatment. This may be as a new experience, or as a return visit. You might travel the shortest route, yet it may seem a scenic route, literally, by car. Or a pleasant walk, taking in the geographical features of the area, via part of The Saturn Trail by the Basingstoke Canal.


If travelling from Woking Station end, don’t miss the Monument Road Bridge turning, or you may go on for miles! You will have gone too far, and might see the massage therapist waving to you from his back garden, (and you wave to him too) which backs on to the Canal. But by then you will be on the opposite side of the Canal, with no bridge for quite a while – or turn back to the last bridge.