Thursday, 20 May 2021

The Art of Massage

An artistic link with massage and other treatments could be plausible, in a painting by Bernardo Strozzi, who lived c.1581-1644. One of his nicknames was ‘Il Cappuccino’, not ‘Coffee-man’, but because he was a Capuchin monk at one time!

I have not been able to locate a picture of him, but it is said he looked like Claudio Monteverdi the composer, who lived 1567-1643(see picture) who Strozzi painted c.1640.


One of his other paintings is ‘Vanitas’ (Vanity) or ‘The Old Coquette’ (The Old Flirt) from about 1615 (see picture). More refinedly this is called ‘Old Woman At A Mirror’. With beauty treatments, you will know aestheticism, beauty-enhancement, though you won’t end up as mutton dressed up as lamb, of which the picture may give some impression, if only slightly.


In some treatments such as Sports Massage or some Waxing, it may feel like a similar sounding word, asceticism, self-denial of enjoyments, bearing of pain, though all for a good outcome!

There is massage available, as fine as that is, and hopefully enjoyable, we trust. There are also treatments such as body waxing, botox/facial aesthetics, facial treatments, intimate waxing, and threading. And there are varieties of massage too, depending on your requirements.

Yet there is beauty in ageing too, maturity and experience gained, not only relating to the physical body, but also to the areas of soul and spirit. This again links with Strozzi as many of his paintings are on spiritual themes.

Come along to be beautified, if not beatified (made saint-like), though you may feel heavenly after your massage treatment. Remember, Strozzi was a monk at one time!