Monday, 30 May 2022

How do I get a Meaningful Massage...


 ...or waxing, or liposuction, or threading, or whatever treatment you may have?

In focusing mainly on massage here, there are some people who can be more nervous than others. This may show in them being jittery, fidgety, stressed, or other expressions. It’s part of who they are. One will find that massage is not a psychology lesson, though aspects of psychology (soul and spirit) can come into it, as well as the probably more visible aspects of physiology (body).


One does not have to analyse every moment of massage sessions, and nor will the masseur be analysing you. If one can relax in a massage, it will surely be of benefit to clients, and will help the masseur too. Some clients may be less relaxed in waxing, for example, though the aim is not to cause pain. That costs extra, as a previous Blog says!

But just to come for a massage, and to be still a while, if ‘let go’ sounds too threatening, or as if one would lose control. One will be in control of all of one’s faculties, even if one may become sleepy, dreamy, ethereal. This is nothing spooky or hypnotic though.


Certain stresses and strains may be revealed and detected during massage, such as neck, shoulder, head, back pain, or general body tension. One may wish to have specific treatment, concentrating on certain problematic area(s). Or if no particular areas of pain, one may enjoyably experience the masseur’s touch, and general well-being feeling of the massage.

Then after massage, to retain something within of calm and peace, with a certain depth, possibly also expressed outwardly also, that one hopefully experienced during the session. One may aim to retain this somehow, so that it does not quickly evaporate through  stress, or rushing back to the next thing on today’s ‘to-do list’, with maybe too many things to think about all at once.

All good things come to an end? If so, for massage sessions, one may feel very relaxed and maybe sleepy. This can be so too for Tai Chi classes, for example, relaxing on a mat at times, feeling one would like to stay there for ages, yet calmly resuming ‘normal service’ of one’s individual daily matters.

Come along, trusting that massage or whatever treatment you have will be meaningful. This can also link with mindfulness, meditation, and similar holistic-type activities.





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