Tuesday 29 March 2022

Is Massage Cool?


Written from a layman’s, not a scientist’s background.

You may be cooled in some massage services, though not in a cryosauna, as in a previous blog. Or you may be warmed sometime, depending somewhat on what treatment you have, such as hot stone or hot oil massage.

You can be ‘cool’ physically and culturally. One example is in painting your roof, or outside of your house or block of flats. It will then be albedo – from the Latin for ‘white’.

This can help, in the complexities and intricacies of tending to climate change, where it is considered that urban albedo, or whitening, can offset climate change, in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1.3%. Then again, snow is truly ‘the white stuff’, as some research shows it to be 0.85% white. I don’t know what makes up the other 0.15% of it.

The 1.3% reduction may not seem a lot, though if water levels rise only 0.5mm per year, that is a lot of water for all the oceans, seas, rivers, etc. of the globe.

It will be worth you coming along for a treatment, even if you might feel you contribute only 1.3%, as it were, to the masseur’s ‘trade’, e.g. not able to make many visits for one reason or another.

The whiteness helps in reflecting the sun’s energy, whereas darker surfaces absorb it more. Wear lighter coloured clothing too, to stay cool, and when you have super massage, in the warm or warm-ish Spring, and warmer Summer – we hope!

There are some seemingly odd things relating to climate change. Here are a couple of examples. One is to cover 1.5% of the Earth’s surface in a perfectly reflective mirror, to balance out doubling of carbon dioxide emissions. Another is to cover the Sahara Desert in silver foil to reflect more of the Sun’s energy!

You won’t be required to do odd things in your treatments, but look in a mirror afterwards if having an aesthetic treatment such as waxing or threading, to see wonderful results, we trust.  Also, maybe make a start, covering your garden sand-pit, if you have one, with foil when not in use. There is method in the seeming madness.

 Come along for a massage or other treatment. You choose the method, selecting what treatment you wish.

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