Thursday 7 April 2016

Will having a massage help my back pain?

Have you ever gone to you GP suffering from a bad back and then just been sent home and told to rest and take painkillers?

I bet you - or someone you know - has had just that!

By just relaxing at home, you are getting relief from the pain but not actually treating the cause of the pain

                                Good Masseur also required 

Lower back pain is such a common condition - almost always caused by bad posture - but so many people put up with it for years, without realising there is another way.

And that other ways is Massage.

Lower back pain can become a chronic condition which will cause you a lot of unnecessary suffering if you don't get treatment.

                                    Towels are provided

So how can a Massage help your back pain?

Massage can help you to relax

Massage can lengthen your shortened muscles that cause the pain in the lower back,

And you won't need painkillers!