Friday 19 February 2016

Why are there so few male Beauty Therapists?

When we set up Daniel Beauty in 2008, we looked at the competition in the Surrey/Berkshire/North Hampshire area and found only a few Male Beauty Therapists.

There was one in Basingstoke, another in Windsor and one more on the London/Surrey border. For various reasons, all three have moved or closed; now our closest competition for male massage, male waxing etc is in Reading.

There are plenty of Salons - even in our immediate area of Woking - but, as ever, these only seem to be aimed at women.

Why are they always aimed at women? Men just don't like going to a High Street Beauty Salon. About 10 per cent of a salon's customers are male. We've tried some of the local ones and can see why. They're run by women for women.

I have read that 20 per cent of Beauty Therapists are male - I would be surprised if it was that high. If there is no work for male beauty therapists, how are we going to attract new entrants into the business?

Until that happens, you will have to go into central London to find a High Street male beauty parlour. With charges to match. Unless you are close enough to come to us in Woking, Surrey for your massage.