Thursday, 21 April 2011

A new uniform for a Massage Therapist

How difficult is it to get made-to-measure uniform for my male waxing and massage business in Surrey?

Here is a copy of a complaint letter to Inline London - bizarely based in Guildford, Surrey.

"Dear Sir

I am absolutely appalled by the service which I have received from your company.

I am a self-employed Massage Therapist (who also spends his day waxing men) who, during a recent visit to an exhibition in London , visited your stand and was measured by one of your representatives for a new brown tunic and matching trousers.

Eventually this arrived by post. The top was fine but the trousers were waist 34" (I am waist 30"); they were also 8 centimetres too long. I therefore returned the trousers (at my own cost), asking how these could have possibly been made to measure and pointing out that they were the wrong size.

A month and several phone calls later, I have now received a size 32" trousers which are still too long and too big in the waist. While I appreciate your policy on returns for made-to-measure clothing, my point - which I cannot get through to your employees - is that these trousers were NOT made to MY measurements.

The trousers are not "as described" or "fit for purpose" and therefore your company is in breach of the Sales of Goods Act 1979. Please either supply me with trousers that fit or refund me for the trousers, the postage and the tunic (which is no good on its own) within 14 days."


Daniel Bester
Beauty Therapist

To give this company - and the fellow South African who responded to my email - credit by calling me, they supplied a pair of brand new made-to-measure trousers.

However I still had to get them taken up (to fit my short legs) at my own expense. Perhaps in future they should train their employees on how to measure their clients properly.