Monday, 2 May 2011

Another nail in the coffin of the cheque

Today I received my bank statement. As is so often the case I also got a load of leaflets with it. Most of the time I just ignore all the flyers and changes to terms and conditions (does anyone ever read this stuff?). But today one leaflet caught my eye. It was entitled CHEQUE GUARANTEE CARD SCHEME. 

As you will know if you have read one of my previous blogs about waxing men and massage  - I wrote about being defrauded by a client who not only bounced a cheque on me but drew a cheque on a closed account - this was of particular interest to me.

Anyway it turns out that the Cheque Card Guarantee Scheme is finishing on 20th June this year. So even if a customer presents a cheque  - along with a card containing a cheque guarantee hologram - it is no guarantee that the cheque will clear. Just one more reason to never accept cheques; just one more nail in the cheques' coffin.

Since I was defrauded I haven't accepted cheques and now I am sure even more small businesses like my massage, male waxing and male beauty business - won't accept them either.