Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Does anyone like a man with a hairy back?

To wax or not to wax? That is the question.

Is it ok to have a hairy back? Is it sexy? Should they always be waxed or would a back wax just for summer be enough - when other people apart from your partner get to see it in all its hairy glory?

As you will know we specialise in male waxing so when I saw this article in the Guardian

I thought that I would share it with you as it deals with the controversial issue of hairy backs.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Does having a tattoo stop you getting a job?

You can't walk down a high street or around any town centre in the UK these days without seeing huge numbers of people - men and women - sporting tattoos.

They used to be so discrete  - just the occasional small tattoo on the bottom or back  - but now you see them on every part of the body necks, arms, legs. Some people even have one of their entire arms covered. They call this a Chinese sleeve.    

Getting a tattoo seems to have become a rite of passage for many young people these days. One out of every 5 adults has a tattoo - amongst those in their 30's, that rises to 2 in every 5.

But is having tattoos that you can see on necks, faces, hands and arms likely to stop you getting work? I don't think its a problem if you want to work in a pub or as a nightclub bouncer.

But if you want a job that is dealing with the public or clients in anyway, you are going to find it harder to find work. Even the American army now has standards about how big tattoos can be  - and where they can be located - to be acceptable.  

Because so many people have tattoos these days, tattoo removal has rocked by over 400% in the last ten years. Who knows, it may even improve your job prospects.