Tuesday, 24 March 2020

What Should I Do Before or After a Massage?

In a quiet corner of Horsell Common, not far from my home in Woking, off Monument Road there is Muslim Burial Ground, now a Peace Garden. 

A visit there can bring peace, whether needing to settle one’s mind before a massage or other treatment, or to maintain a sense of peace after a session.

Nearby is an area of tall trees, the setting for H.G. Wells’ ‘The War of the Worlds’, in an atmospheric and mystical environment. There need not be anything alien about treatments though. 

For example, the therapist will put you at ease if it is your first visit, hopefully making you soon feel relaxed and ‘at home’.

Taking a stroll to, or from, an appointment through this area of Horsell Common on a fine day or light evening can be very pleasant. 

Even passing the area if travelling by car, one can see the natural beauty of the surroundings. All this can contribute in some way toward the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of treatments, giving heightened awareness; a sense of holistic help; experiencing a peaceful and stress-free encounter, giving lasting benefit.

There is also ‘The Martian’ sculpture in Woking Town Centre. But then again, there is nothing spooky or suspicious in the treatments. You won’t have set foot on another planet, though you may feel you have, with a luxurious massage

Neither will your encounter be of ‘The Third Kind’. But all will be well, with friendly human care and attention given, not alien, which can often be hurtful, harmful, hostile. 

And yet – bring a camera if you wish. You might see E.T. if he has not gone home, or the Loch Ness Monster in the Basingstoke Canal if it has moved South!