Monday, 16 March 2020

Should I have a Massage when there is flu epidemic?

Coronavirus is very much at the top of everyone's mind these days

So as massage involves touching another person, is this wise? This is a question for these times, but is also relevant whether there is any flu epidemic or not.

With massage there is the necessity of touching the relevant part or parts of the clients, though the highest standards of hygiene will be in operation, as it fact it will always been with any good masseur. 

We may highlight more at this time things such as washing hands properly. This is one basic thing in human life, relevant to any day.

Though we may observe other people not washing their hands after using public toilets. There may not even be a quick whisking of the hands under the tap and in the dryer. 

Then again, not to blame the cleaners, but a visit to a public toilet can turn out, aptly, to be convenient, or an awful horror. It’s ‘too much information’ to give the obvious details of this.

If we had x-rays eyes, we might see germs and other nasties  on things such as door handles, shop doors, objects in house or home, or wherever. 

We know we need not be paranoid, nor excessive, such as in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which sometimes includes extreme hand washing.

In all doing our part to maintain basic cleanliness, a lot of which is surely common sense, the outcome will hopefully be to keep health scares of disease, contamination, etc, to a minimum.

We may have to do without, or limit, touch in some areas of life for a while. But we can trust a reputable and professional massage therapist, and take a balanced approach. 

It can certainly be a positive experience to have a hands-on massage whether that's Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu or Hot Stone Massage.