Friday, 26 February 2016

Would you like to become a male Beauty Therapist?

Recently Marcio and I did our Level 3 Intimate Male Waxing practicals at Omni Academy of Beauty in Walton-on-Thames (formerly ISIS Beauty - I can't think why they wanted to change their name!)

Anyway, we got talking about the lack of potential male beauty therapists. And how few men are interested in training to do male waxing, male massage, facials etc.

The academy wanted to know how to attract more would-be beauty therapists to their training courses. As there are so few male beauty therapists in the industry - and few men go beauty salons - maybe there is a huge potential for growth. Or maybe men are just not interested.

Or maybe salons should change their marketing to be less feminine and be re-branded as Grooming Parlours (unless that sounds too much like it's intended for dogs!)

Maybe it is just a difficult cycle to break. Lack of male therapists means the salons can't attract male clients. Lack of male clients means there is no work for male therapists. How do we break this cycle?

And if young men don't apply for courses like this, how do we get them to even consider it?

Here at Daniel Beauty we are doing well - and maybe that is just due to a lack of competition in for male waxing in Surrey.