Thursday, 11 February 2016

How do I get Insurance for my Beauty business?

Insurance is the bane of everybody's lives - you feel like you are paying a lot of money for nothing every year. And then when you try to claim on your policy, they make it difficult for you.

Ever since we started Daniel Beauty we have been covered by the same company who seemed to offer good insurance rates to cover our massage, waxing, facials, threading treatments.

But now, as I have Marcio working with me, and we take bookings for him, I am now suddenly a "clinic" and the rate has rocketed from £100 pa to the think end of £500!

The fact that Marcio has his own insurance makes no difference. To me that sounds like we would be insured twice!

After a few simple phone calls, we have now found another provider (Tower Gate Insurance) who have provided the same cover for just £150.    

Good news, then. Just don't get me started on insurance for Tattoo Removal....