Friday, 25 March 2016

We use the best ever Massage Table

One very interesting thing that we have found when doing market research into the Massage Therapy industry - and testing out our competition both locally and around the world  - is how easily the actual massage table is overlooked.

However good a masseur is, if the table which you are asked to lie on is uncomfortable, old or too narrow, then you will not get the best experience; you won't be able to fully relax 

                                   You can fall asleep here

This particularly applies to Massage Therapists who are mobile (who travel to the clients home or place of work) who have to carry a massage table with them. In this case they have to have the smallest, lightest massage table they can find.

The massage table that we have invested in cost over £1000 - it is the most relaxing luxurious massage table that we could find. It moulds into every part of your body. It moves up and down at the press of a button. There are three sections to the table and f we need to we can just move the head section up or the lower section down.

                           You also need a good therapist

And if necessary, during the winter, we also have an electric blanket. And that combined with heated oil, makes for what we believe is the best massage in Surrey