Saturday 14 April 2012

How good are Woking Massage Therapists?

On my previous blog you may have read about me checking out the competition in my field as a beauty therapist offering massage, male waxing and Laser Lipo (among other treatments.)

Well after my visit to get a massage in Weybridge, I moved closer to home to check out massage in Woking. From the name of this place it sounded lovely – the name suggested relaxation and tranquillity in a very smart setting.

Not quite.

Indeed it looks smart from the outside and the building is beautiful. However it’s on a main road and when I could hear the music being played from the CD it was skipping all over the place. But mostly I couldn’t hear the music because of the incessant drilling outside. (That’s the trouble with beautiful old (listed) buildings: double glazing isn’t allowed.

The massage itself was perfectly fine – if a little light (maybe they are used to only massaging women) but the room was cold; my toes and fingers felt like ice all the way through. I always make sure my massage therapy room is very warm.

But the most peculiar thing with the massage table – which I absolutely hated – was that there was no face hole – just a u-shape which meant that I couldn’t lay my head down properly as my forehead was not supported. Because of this it was absolutely impossible to get comfortable and therefore relax and get the best out of the massage.

Competition? Not much competition at all.